How to Select Tomatoes

  • Choose plump tomatoes that are heavy for their size. A ripe tomato should have a firm and smooth skin that gives slightly under pressure.
  • A few fine cracks near the stem of the tomato are natural, but otherwise the tomato should be free of any cracks, blemishes, or bruising.
  • Smell the tomato: it should have a pleasant fragrance. Tomatoes without any scent were likely picked too early and won’t ripen.
  • Avoid buying tomatoes from refrigerated cases, as cold damages them and stops the ripening process.

How to Store Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator before serving, as it damages their flesh and causes them to turn mushy and mealy.
  • Store tomatoes in an open container on your counter out of the sunlight. Ripe tomatoes will last a few days on your counter.
  • If you have leftover sliced tomatoes, it’s OK to start refrigerating them. Place them in an airtight location in a warmer part of your refrigerator, such as near the front.

How to Serve Tomatoes