How to Segment an Orange | Steps to Section Citrus Fruits

I love oranges!  They are such a tasty treat—I usually just peel them & eat.  Super convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle!  My kids, however, are really turned off by the “white skin” on the oranges.  This “white skin” is the pith, which is part of the albedo.  The albedo is the spongy white stuff that is found under the orange flavedo/rind.  It actually is full of Vitamin C, but the texture is odd & the flavor can be bitter.  The pith that remains on the fruit when you peel it is simply part of the albedo of the orange.  Even the membrane, the thin webby things that keeps the orange carpels in tact, can turn off consumers because of the texture.  Segmenting your oranges is a great way to alleviate texture woes with this fruit!

How to Segment an Orange

Segmented oranges completely remove the carpels from the pith & the membrane of the orange, allowing you to savor the sweetness and juicy goodness of oranges—nothing else 🙂  Segmented oranges are a perfect addition to salads & side dishes, as well.  This method can be used with any citrus fruit.

How To Segment An Orange

Step 1:

Slice off the top & bottom of the orange.

How to Segment an Orange

Step 2:

Remove the skin & white pith by starting at the top of the orange & slicing downward following the curve of the fruit.

How to Segment an Orange


How to Segment an Orange

Step 3:

Using a paring knife, remove the orange segments by carefully running your knife between the orange segment & the connective membrane.  Cut deep with the tip of your knife until you reach the central column of the orange, and be careful to not cut through any of the membrane.

How to Segment an Orange

How to Segment an Orange


This is a fool-proof way for me to get the boys to eat oranges.  If your kids love canned mandarin oranges, yet balk at fresh oranges—try this easy preparation method.  It works in my household!  I’m convinced all consumer hesitations with oranges are due to texture, not flavor.  And luckily for all of us, oranges are pretty much available year round—check out Sunkist’s Seasonal Fruit Chart for more details.  Spring is that unique time of year when orange aficionados can get their navel, valencia, blood AND cara cara fix, too!


xoxo The Produce Mom

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Lori Taylor

Author: Lori Taylor

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  1. Wow! I am slightly embarrassed to say I am a mom, godmother and a grandmother and have lived into my 70’s without ever getting the white off my peeled oranges …until now. Thank you so much and I am sorry to all my family and friends who had to eat all those oranges with a little of the bitter on them. I am improving ……

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