How To Cut a Bell Pepper

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How to cut a bell pepper (the right way)

Cutting a bell pepper is easy and quick if you know the right technique. Watch the short video below to learn how to cut a bell pepper the right way!

Here’s what you’ll need to cut a bell pepper:

  • Water
  • Clean cloth or paper towel
  • Bell pepper
  • Chef’s knife
  • Cutting board
  • Paring knife (optional)

How to cut a bell pepper:

Thank you to Howcast for this great how-to video!

Step 1: Begin by washing and drying the bell pepper.

Step 2: In the center of the cutting board, lay the pepper on it’s side with the stem facing your knife-wielding hand.

Step 3: Grasp the knife in your dominant hand, holding the handle close to the blade with three fingers (middle, ring, and pinky). Curl your forefingers around one side of the blade while holding your thumb on the opposite side.

Step 4: Cut off the top of the bell pepper just below the curve under the stem and expose the rib and seeds inside the pepper.

Step 5: Pop the stem out of the top portion and discard it. Set the leftover pepper aside to be cut up later.

Step 6: Slice off the other end of the pepper, just below where it curves, and set it aside.

Step 7: Set the pepper upright on one end and use the tip of your blade to make one vertical slice on the side closet to you to open the pepper.

Step 8: Turn the pepper on its side and cut along the inside, removing the seeds and thin, whitish ribs. If the ribs do not come out easy, use a pairing knife to remove them.

Step 9: Finally, flatten the now clean pepper skin-side down onto the cutting board. You can now slice it anyway you want.

If you want to know how to slice bell pepper rings like the ones pictured below, watch this video

How to slice a bell pepper

Enjoy bell peppers on pizza, in pasta, or add them to veggie trays. Try this recipe for Bell Pepper Chicken for dinner tonight!

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