3 Under the Sea Party Food Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Under the Sea creatures made from apples on blue plate

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Whether you’re throwing a pool party, mermaid themed birthday party, or just looking for easy ways to introduce fruit in a fun and “a-peel-ing” way, an under the sea theme is perfect no matter the occasion.

We’ve got you covered with three impressive sea creatures you can make with apple slices and a couple of extra ingredients. Buy the apples already sliced and assemble them for a nutritious snack your will have your kids running to the table for more!

During the scorching hot summer, our lives pretty much revolve around water — pool parties, days at the lake, family time at the beach, it all fits the bill. You get to spend time with your family and cool down while making unforgettable memories. 

It’s perfect!

Under the Sea Food Art on a  blue platter.

Under the sea food art is sponsored by Crunch Pak®.

Every party needs a theme. But even if you’re not the party-planning type, serving fruits in fun aquatic-themed shapes always gets our kids on board with eating nutritious snacks. 

In fact, that’s our main goal at The Produce Moms. We want your kids to ask you for fruits and veggies instead of you having to force them on their plates or sneak them into desserts. 

To help you, we’ve created three entertaining under the sea party food ideas to give you a head start for your next summer party or snack time. All you need is fresh, crisp apples, string cheese, “O” shaped cereal, edible silly eyes, and a serving platter. 

Scoop up your kiddos and let’s head to the kitchen!

You’ll Need… Apples

Apple slices make food art sea creatures.

We used Crunch Pak apples to make jellyfish, starfish, and a seahorse. We love using Crunch Pak slices because they offer different types of apples to fit your family’s desired taste — tart, sweet, peeled, and sliced crisp apples

For easy and quick, under the sea themed snacks, their sliced apples reduce prep time so you can serve your kids in a flash. Choose from individual snack packs or family-size bags to have extra on hand or to make multiple under the sea food art designs.

Let’s Make Under the Sea Party Food!

We’ll make four unique sea animals to get your summer party or snack time off to a fun start. Keeping the bagged Crunch Pak® apple slices in the fridge helps them stay fresh longer and preserves their crisp flavor and white appearance. Right before serving, remove the bag of apples from the fridge and arrange the slices and shapes into food art.


Seahorse make from sliced apples and Cheerios.

To make the seahorse, you’ll need: 

  • two apple slices
  • small handful of “O” shaped cereal
  • candy eyes 

Use a knife to cut the corners off an apple slice to make the tail and face. We’ll use half of an apple slice for the head. Place a whole apple slice on the plate at a slight diagonal angle. 

Put the trimmed apple slice above the body, in a soft diagonal to the opposite side. Arrange one of the trimmed corner pieces below, at an opposite diagonal, to make an “S” shape. Put the other corner piece (face) at the top, with the cut edge touching the headpiece and the point facing away from the body. 

Have your kids place the “O” shaped cereal along the entire back of the seahorse to make the dorsal fin — they may eat a few along the way.😉 Remember to add the candy eyes and admire how cute your creation is… before it gets eaten!


Jellyfish made from a sliced apple and string cheese.

The jellyfish is probably our favorite. And it’s super easy to create a group of apple jellyfish!

Make sure you have:

  • an apple slice
  • string cheese
  • candy eyes

You can use either peeled or regular apple slices but we prefer the slices with the skin. It adds fun, vibrant pops of color that our kids enjoy—plus a little extra fiber! 

Place an apple slice on the plate and peel a few strips from the string cheese (kids love this part). Arrange the strips of string cheese under the apple slice to make the tentacles. Last, add candy eyes to bring the jellyfish to life!


Starfish made from sliced apples.

To make the starfish, you’ll need:

  • three apple slices
  • “O” shaped cereal
  • candy eyes

Cut three apple slices in half on a diagonal. Have your kids help you place five halves on the plate in a pinwheel shape, with the diagonal cuts meeting in the middle. Each slice serves as an “arm” of the starfish. Add two candy eyes and an “O” shaped cereal on the top piece to give your starfish a friendly face. 

Under the sea summer food art - starfish, jellyfish, and octopus

More Summer Food Art Ideas

Under the Sea food art is an entertaining way to get creative with nutritious snacks at your next pool party, cookout, or mermaid themed party. Nutritious eating doesn’t need to be boring, let’s make it enjoyable for your whole family! 

Want more kid-friendly ideas? Check out these themed food ideas!

Why We Love Crunch Pak®

As busy moms, we love the ease of Crunch Pak® kid-friendly themed snacks. From “charfruiterie” trays for game days to themed snacker packs and blended pouches, Crunch Pak® makes life easier. As parents, we’re on a similar mission — we want to make nutritious fruits and veggies easier and delicious for you and your family to enjoy. 

Be sure to look for the white and red logo for fresh, crisp apples for your under the sea themed food spread. Our kids especially love their Spongebob Snacker with apples, cheese sticks, and chocolate-covered pretzels. 😉 

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