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You've Been Booed Bag and fruits

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Your family can brighten up the neighborhood with a You’ve Been Booed version from The Produce Moms! A healthier version to the candy filled baskets is always a great alternative.

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This time of year is fun for kids of all ages. It’s also filled with treats full of sugar and preservatives. We thought it would be fun to have a You’ve Been Booed version filled with healthy treats to offset all the sweet treats that come with Halloween.

We love leaving gifts for neighbors and friends. These cute “Boo” fruits are sure to brighten any child’s (or adult’s) day!

Our kids love this tradition! It not only allows them to be creative, but it also teaches them to give to others. There’s nothing more fun for a kid than getting a knock at the door and discovering these fun fruits to get into the Halloween spirit.

Be sure to download our You’ve Been Booed printable!

you've been booed printable graphic to download

What does You’ve Been Booed Mean?

A Halloween “Boo” is a gift or treat that is left anonymously by a friend, family member or neighbor at your front door.

Once you’ve been Booed, simply hang the “We’ve Been Booed sign” on your front door or front window to let everyone know that you’ve received your Halloween surprise.

When putting together a You’ve Been Booed gift, be sure to include additional printables so that the family you’ve booed can boo another family.

If you have a neighborhood email list or Facebook Group, be sure to share this post so other families can participate in the fun!

Bunch of Mummy Grapes

frankenstein grapes with candy eyes and black spider web

Grab the kids and create these Mummy Grapes by cutting black spider webbing to fit and wrap around the grapes.

Then, use a dap of icing to attach the candy eyes.

You’ve Been Booed Frankenstein Grape Cups

frankenstein cups with grapes and candy eyes

These Frankenstein cups are fun for the kids to make for their friends. In addition, they are a fun snack for Halloween parties at school!

You’ll Need:

First, wash and dry the grapes. Then, place them in the cup to the top. Insert the eyes to the front of the grapes. Next, put the lid on and decorate with the ribbon, a spider ring and any other festive decorations! Finally, use the Sharpie to draw a mouth and any other monster marks you want to add.

You can also use a mini marshmallow and a food marker to create the eyes.

Pear & Apple Mummies

pears and apple dressed as mummies

Pear and Apple Mummies are super simple to make! Here’s what you’ll need:

First, cut and wrap the fruit with the mummy mesh. You can either tuck or tie the mesh in the back of the fruit or secure with a few toothpicks.

Next, attach candy eyes with a dap of icing on the back, or you can use plastic googly eyes.

NOTE: If using plastic eyes, be sure to wash the fruit again before eating.

You’ve Been Booed Pumpkin Faces with Mandarin Oranges

manadarin fruit with ghost and pumpkin faces

Simply grab a food marker and allow the kids to draw faces on mandarin oranges.
Plus, these are also great for putting in the kids school lunches all October long or having them on the counter for an after school snack.

Vampire Bananas

bananas dressed up to look like dracula with teeth

Vampire Bananas are quick and easy to put together! You’ll need:

First, place two bananas together. Then, place the plastic teeth in the middle of the two and attach the eyes. Finally, use the food marker draw a “dracula” mark.

You’ve Been Booed Kiwi Bats

kiwi with bat wings and candy eyes

How cute are these kiwi bats? Plus, they are very easy to put together. You can either use black construction paper to draw and cut out the bat wings, or you can order them here.

Simply attach the bat wings with Edible Glue or toothpicks.

To attach the candy eyes, use a small dab of icing to stick to the kiwi.

What do you put in a You’ve Been Booed Basket?

Of course, we like to keep it simple and with no added sugars! In other words, the kids will get enough of the sweet treats all month long with school celebrations and Trick or Treating events. Here are a few other suggestions:

You’ll also want to include a few more printables in the basket so that the families that your family boos can boo other families.

Be as creative as your family would like! There’s really no rules on what you can add to your You’ve Been Booed Basket!

Fun Fall Recipes To Enjoy:

You've been booed printable with gift bag and fruits dressed up for halloween

If You’ve Been Booed we’d love to know what your family received. Please, leave us a comment below to help others add to their gift baskets and bags!

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