How to Select Plums

  • Plums, more than any other stone fruit, vary from variety to variety. Some plums will soften, while others stay firm. Some have a full smooth color throughout the fruit, while others are speckled and multi-colored. The flavor can be fruity, sweet, refreshing, floral, or sometimes, all of the above.
  • Choose plums that are heavy for their size.  Avoid plums that are shriveled or feel like a water balloon.

How to Store Plums

  • Plums may last up to a week or two on your counter and up to four weeks in your refrigerator. Store them in an unsealed container. Try to keep them away from fragrant foods so they do not take on the smells around them.
  • Plums can be frozen for up to a year. Flash freeze plums by washing and slicing them, then placing the slices in a single layer on a baking sheet in the freezer. Allow them to freeze for two hours before transferring them to a sealed plastic bag.

How to Serve Plums