Birthday Party Emoji Trays

3 Emoji Fruit Trays

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If your child is asking for an Emoji-themed Birthday Party, we are sharing some fun ways for you to to use fresh produce to celebrate. Let your creativity shine with these easy-to-make emoji fruit & nut trays!

poop emoji, cool guy emoji and in love emoji out of food

Who doesn’t love a fruit tray when entertaining guests? It’s a great way to feed a crowd and not feel guilty for being in the kitchen the entire time. It also allows you to spend time with your guests! These Emoji Party trays are a great way to keep on theme and have a healthy snack on hand! Plus, you can incorporate any of your favorite emojis. The options are endless, and fruits and veggies can easily bring your vision to life!

Poop Emoji

poop emoji made out of almonds

We’d be willing to bet if this Poop Emoji shows up at your Emoji Party there will be lots of giggles around the room!

It really is so easy to make. First, grab a bag of almonds and lay them out on a serving tray or cutting board in an “emoij poop” fashion. Next, make room for cut cheese for the eyes and top with blackberries.

Finally, add in the smile using pine nuts.

Need a nut-friendly option, you could use dates instead of almonds and any fruits for the smile!


smiling face with sunglasses emoji

cool emoji made with blackberries and pineapple

Grab pineapple and blackberries to create a “Cool Emoji” for your Emoji Party! This is perfect for a summer pool party or picnic outdoors.

Start by cutting the pineapple into chunks. Then, lay out the pineapple chunks in a circle on a plate or tray. Top with blackberries to make the sunglasses and the mouth! Be sure to lay out utensils or toothpicks for serving!

You could also use mangos for the circle and blueberries for the sunglasses and smile! Don’t be afraid to use your favorite fruits. Need a veggie tray instead? You could use yellow squash or yellow bell peppers for the face. The sunglasses could be made from black olives.  

Smiling face with heart eyes Emoji

seeing love emoji made from pineapple, raspberries and blackberries

Chances are you will have leftover pineapple from creating the Cool Emoji! Grab a separate plate, serving platter or cutting board to create this Seeing Love Emoji!

Start out by laying out the pineapple in a flat even circular layer. Top with either raspberries or strawberries for the heart-shaped eyes. Finally, use the blackberries to create the mouth like the image above!

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  1. Some kids are allergic to nuts! Do not serve this at a kids party. They might not know it yet and that could be a disaster

    1. We take food safety very seriously at The Produce Moms. It’s every home cook’s responsibility to confirm allergies of guests before preparing and serving food. There’s no reason to ban tree nuts or peanuts from menus when there are no allergy risks. For people who do have allergy risks to accommodate: you can sub pretzels or another brown colored snack food for the nuts.