Animal Face Toast

6 Toasts with animal faces using fruits

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Animal Face Toast is the perfect way to start your kid’s day! These delicious slices of toast come with fun, animal-shaped faces made from fruit. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast or a fun snack for the kids, Animal Face Toast is the perfect choice. Plus, they not only taste great, they automatically put a smile on your face!

Animal Face Toast all together

Animal Faces Encourage Kids to Eat Better

Everyone knows that when something is fun it encourages kids to do something. This goes for eating and snacking too. Get the kids involved and make it fun (especially when the kids are struggling to get out of bed in the morning)! Adding these fruit faces to the toast almost ensures that they will eat more fruit.

We are big believers in “playing with your food.” And it doesn’t matter if you are talking about a toddler or a teen, or even adults. Believe us, these animal toasts are perfect for all ages!

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Animal Toast as a Lunch Idea for Kids

You can make the animal toast on toast, like french toast or even just toasted bread. This is great for an at home treat. If you are packing the funny animal faces for school, you might want to make it on bread and not on toast, because no one loves cold toast.

Making the fun animal face toast is perfect for bento box lunch. The kids will get their fun lunch and you know that they are getting whole grains (if using whole grain bread) and their fruit. They will love putting together their animal face and show it off to their friends! As a bonus, you know that they are going to eat their food too.

How to Make Animal Face Toast

This is where you get creative, much like making fruit art. You can make the funny animal faces anyway you like. Here is how we made ours.

cat face toast

Animal Face Toast: Cat Face

We used peanut butter, blueberries and strawberries. You can use another nut butter, like almond or cashew butter, and you can also use sunflower butter if there is a nut allergy. We spread the peanut butter on the toast as the base. We use thin strawberry slices for the ears (make sure you have them pointing up)! We also used a smaller strawberry triangle for the nose with super-thin strawberry sticks for the whiskers. We finish it off with two blueberries as the cat eyes!bunny face toast

Animal Face Toast: Bunny Face

When we made the bunny toast, we used a low-fat icing. However, if you wanted to use something else, you can also use marshmallow fluff. If you want something a little bit healthier, you can use cream cheese.

First, you spread the white base. Use vertical banana slices with strawberry slices on top as the bunny ears. Use thin-cut banana sticks for the whiskers coming from the strawberry square nose. Finish off the bunny with two blueberries as the eyes.

Animal Face Toast: Monkey Face

We used nutella when making the monkey toast. Kids love the hazelnut flavor of the spread, and the color is perfect for the monkey’s face. If you want something different, you can use a different spread. You can also use peanut butter or another nut butter and add cocoa powder to it in order to get a similar color. 

In order to create the monkey’s features, we used slices of bananas to create the eyes, ears and mouth. We also used blueberries to top the eyes.

fox face toast

Animal Face Toast: Fox Face 

We used peanut butter and cream cheese as the base of the fox face. Of course, you can change this for any type of peanut butter replacement. In order to create the face, we use strawberry slices for the ears. Then, we use two round banana slices for the eyes. Finally, we use the blueberries to place on top of the banana slices for the eyes and for the nose.

owl face toast

Animal Face Toast: Owl Face

We used Nutella as the base of the owl. You can use another nut spread and add cocoa powder to it to create that rich brown color. Add two round banana slices with blueberries on top for the eyes. Next, add a cash for the beak. Finally, create the body of the owl by placing several strawberry slices on the toast.

bear face toast

Animal Face Toast: Bear Face

The bear animal face toast is great for a bear picnic or just because you or your child love teddy bears. Use peanut butter, or your favorite nut spread on the toast. Next, add the round banana slices to create the ears and the nose. Use the blueberries for the eyes and to top the nose. animal face toast all together

Get creative making the animal faces. These are just a few ideas, but we are sure you can think of more. Which animal toast was your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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