Watermelon Salad Cups – Refreshing, Minty, and Ready in Just 10 Minutes!

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Watermelon salad is made with juicy watermelon, cool cucumbers, crumbly feta, and fresh mint for the perfect bite-size summer appetizer. All you will need is five ingredients from the produce department for a refreshing, swoon-worthy snack by the pool or at your next BBQ bash. No cooking on those hot summer days and ready in just 10 minutes!  

Summertime means pool parties, grilling, being together with family and friends … and sticky, hot temps.  

It’s important to stay hydrated during these warmer months when kids are out of school and you’re spending more time in the heat. Here at The Produce Moms, we love incorporating water-dense fruits and veggies to help you and your family stay hydrated no matter where the summer takes you. 

So if you’ve been looking for a refreshing, hydrating, and nutritious recipe that’s sure to be your kids’ favorite poolside snack, this blog is for you.

Watermelon cups with cucumber, feta, and mint

This post is sponsored by NatureSweet®. 

Watermelon Salad Cups are stuffed with a crispy, crunchy filling of cucumbers and feta and topped with cool mint for an easy-to-make summer bite. It’s a stunning appetizer and snack that’s sure to be a hit at your next summer get-together!

Make sure to check out our other summertime recipes at the end. But first, let’s dive into what you’ll need to make perfect watermelon salad cups.

Key Watermelon Salad Ingredients

watermelon, cucumbers, feta, mint, olive oil, and salt

You’ll need four main ingredients to make your watermelon feta salad cups — watermelon, cucumber, feta, and mint. All ingredients are available in the produce department of your local grocery store for a quick in-and-out trip. 


It’s all in the name. Watermelon is made up of 92% water!1 It’s juicy, refreshing, and hydrating for the ultimate summertime snack. You’ll need about two pounds of cubed watermelon pieces to serve as your cups. You’ll likely have a bit leftover, which you can use in our Watermelon Cucumber Salad recipe, also listed below. Remember, you can use the rind too!  


Similar to watermelon, cucumbers are made up of 95% water.2  It’s easiest to grab a bag of NatureSweet® Mini Sweet Cucumbers for a crisp and refreshing summer snack. You’ll dice the entire bag as the second main, hydrating ingredient in your watermelon salad. These little babies add a cool, crunchy bite to your filling. 


Now, we need a creamy, rich element to balance out the crisp, refreshing flavors of the watermelon and cucumbers. Feta is crumbly and easy to sprinkle directly from the container to your mixing bowl. No prep is needed for an easy and delicious add-in with minimal effort. 


Every salad needs a garnish, no matter how small it may be. We’ll add fresh, chopped mint to our watermelon salad filling and garnish it with whole mint leaves. The pink watermelon and bright green, aromatic mint pair beautifully for a stunning finish that wows even the youngest eaters.  

How to Select Watermelon

Look for watermelon with an even, round shape for a juicier, sweeter flavor. A ripe watermelon should have dark green skin with larger webbing (the dark stripes). The darker color means your watermelon has been well-pollinated and is bursting with juicy, sweet flavor. 

Another way to test for the perfect ripeness is to pick up your watermelon. It should feel heavy from the massive amount of water it contains. 

How to Cube Watermelon

Cubed watermelon

For your watermelon salad cups, you’ll use cubed watermelon pieces with a hollowed-out center. Follow these five easy steps for perfect cubes every time:

  1. Using a large knife, cut your watermelon in half.
  2. Remove the rind. 
  3. Keep trimming the edges until there isn’t any white left, just the juicy pink flesh. 
  4. Lay the cut side of each watermelon half on your cutting board and slice into 1½-inch thick slices. 
  5.  Lastly, cut crosswise to create your cubes. 

If buying an entire watermelon isn’t what you want for this recipe, you should check out the value-add section in your produce department. Most grocers offer packaged cubed watermelon. This allows you to have one less step in the process of making Watermelon Salad Cups.

How to Store Watermelon

We often cut up the entire watermelon at one time for juicy, refreshing finger snacks that our kids can grab themselves. If you choose to do this, cut your watermelon into slices, spears, or cubes and then store it in an airtight container or pre-portioned Ziploc bag. Keep in the fridge for up to five days.

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How to Assemble Watermelon Salad Cups

Melon baller scooping watermelon

Step 1: Scoop each watermelon cube. 

Use a melon baller or small spoon to hollow out the middle of each watermelon cube. Be careful not to go more than halfway deep so the watermelon is sturdy enough to hold the watermelon feta salad filling.

Diced cucumber in white bowl.

Step 2: Dice the cucumbers.

Cut your cucumbers into quarters lengthwise. Then cut crosswise to create small diced pieces.

Cucumber, fat, and mint in a bowl.

Step 3: Mix the ingredients.

Add the diced cucumber, crumbled feta, chopped mint, olive oil, and salt to a large bowl. Gently mix with a spoon until the fresh ingredients are coated in olive oil and salt. 

stuffed watermelon salad cups

Step 4: Fill each watermelon cup.

Use a teaspoon to transfer the watermelon salad filling to your watermelon cups. 

Step 5: Garnish with mint. 

For a refreshing mint finish, top each watermelon salad cup with a whole mint leaf.

Why We Love NatureSweet®

We use NatureSweet® mini cucumbers for a cool refreshing crunch in our watermelon salad cups. They pair perfectly with watermelon for a chilled snack on a hot day. You can find NatureSweet® mini cucumbers in 16 oz bags in the produce section of the grocery store. 

Naturesweet® uses sustainable growing practices, resulting in that perfect, juicy sweetness you’ll notice in each bite of your watermelon salad cups.  

We have professed our devotion to NatureSweet® tomatoes, but we also love their cucumbers and peppers as well.

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Watermelon Salad Cups with Cucumber, Feta, and Mint

Watermelon salad cups are easy to put together for a stunning and hydrating snack or appetizer. Each bite is cool, crunchy, sweet, and creamy for a delightful summer treat.
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes


  • Melon Baller


  • 2 lbs Fresh Cut Watermelon Cubes
  • 16 oz. bag NatureSweet® Mini Cucumbers diced
  • 3/4 cup feta cheese
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 tablespoons fresh mint leaves chopped
  • fresh mint leaves chopped


  • Lay the watermelon cubes on a large plate or serving tray.
  • Use a melon baller to scoop out the center of each watermelon cube, about halfway through.
  • Spoon the cucumber mixture into each hollowed-out watermelon cube.
  • Garnish with whole mint leaves, and serve immediately!

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Appetizer, Salad, Snack
Cuisine: American
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