How to Select Peaches

  • The red blush on your peaches does NOT indicate ripeness or flavor – color can vary by variety, but all ripe peaches will have a yellow under color.
  • Smell your peaches — they should be fragrant.
  • Skin should be firm  — avoid peaches with wrinkles.
  • Peaches are often available at various stages of firmness. Peaches are ripe when picked and some even prefer them with a slight crunch to them. If you like yours on the softer side, leave them on your counter until they reach your desired firmness, then refrigeration them until you are ready to eat them. The peaches will taste sweeter once they soften because the acid level or tartness will drop as the fruit softens.
  • Please keep in mind that new varieties of peaches are being harvested weekly. Throughout the season the fruit will be similar but may have slight variations in appearance, flavor, and texture from one week to the next.

How to Store Peaches

  • Place firm peaches stem end down on your countertop at room temperature – they will soften within a few days.  You can speed up the process by putting them in a brown bag.
  • Once a peach is ripe, you can refrigerate them for up to a week.
  • Do not refrigerate a peach until it is at your desired softness/ripeness level. It will not continue to ripen once placed in the fridge.

How to Serve Peaches