Green Onions

How to Select Green Onions

The root end of green onions should be firm and bright white. Avoid green onions that have are beginning to wilt or have a dark, slimy film on them.

When are Green Onions in Season?

Green onions are in season during the spring and summer months, typically from March through August in the United States. You can buy green onions year-round at most grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and vegetable stands. Look for crisp, bright green tops and firm, white bulbs. Enjoy their mild flavor in salads, soups, and stir-fries.

Varieties of Green Onions

It’s difficult to say exactly how many varieties of green onions there are in the USA because there are so many. But here are the most popular varieties of green onions that you can find at the grocery store:

  • Scallions: These spring onions have a mild onion flavor and are commonly used in salads, soups, and stir-fries. They have long, straight green leaves and small white bulbs.
  • Welsh Onions: These onions have long, straight green leaves and a slightly stronger flavor than scallions. They can be used in the same way as scallions but are also commonly pickled or used to flavor sauces.
  • Red Spring Onions: These onions have a mild, sweet flavor and bright red color. They have long green leaves and a small red bulb. 
  • Japanese Bunching Onions: These onions have long, straight green leaves and a mild flavor. These green onions are served in Asian dishes, such as stir-fries and noodle soups.
  • Egyptian Onions: Also known as walking onions, these green onions are unique in that they produce small bulbs at the top of long green stems. The bulbs have a mild flavor and most people prefer to eat them raw or cooked. 

Green Onions Nutrition Facts & Benefits

Green onion is a low-calorie, nutrient-dense vegetable with many vitamins and nutrients. Here are the nutritional facts for a half-cup serving of green onion:

  • Approx 10 calories
  • 0.17 grams of fat
  • 0.34 grams of protein
  • 2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0 grams of natural sugar
  • 0.6 grams of fiber

Here are proven ways that green onions can benefit your health:

How to Store Green Onions

Store green onions in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Green onions need air circulation to stay fresh so avoid storing in plastic bags. You can also store green onions root side down in a shallow glass of water on a sunny part of your countertop. The green tops will grow back several times.

How to Prepare Green Onions

Here are four popular ways to prepare green onions:

  • Grilled: Brush green onions with oil and grill until they are lightly charred and tender. Grilled green onions make a great side dish or topping for burgers, tacos, and other grilled foods.
  • Stir-fried: Slice green onions into thin rounds and stir-fry them with other vegetables and protein for a quick, easy side dish or main course. The mild onion flavor adds depth to stir-fries and complements a variety of cuisines.
  • Raw: Chop green onions and add them to salads, sandwiches, or tacos for a fresh burst of flavor. The green tops are a great garnish for soups or other dishes.
  • Pickled: Slice green onions into thin rounds and pickle them in vinegar, sugar, and salt. Pickled green onions make a great condiment for tacos, sandwiches, and other savory dishes.

How to Serve Green Onions