Market Wagon: Online Farmers Market Review

Market Wagon Online Farmers Market Review

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Purchasing and eating local foods provides a slew of benefits for you and your family. It’s healthier and gives you a safer food supply. Plus, it’s a great way to support your local economy and protect the environment.

But accessing farm-fresh produce and products can be complicated depending on where you live and your life situation. Luckily Market Wagon provides easy access to these products from the comfort of your home. You read that right: Market Wagon is an online farmers market that delivers local food and artisan products, directly to your doorstep!

Learn about our thoughts on Market Wagon and why we love it!

What is Market Wagon?

Market Wagon is an innovative platform that connects people with local food producers and artisans. They deliver straight to your doorstep, so you can essentially access a farmer’s market without leaving home.

This online farmer’s market uses local supply chain and shopping technology to revolutionize your shopping experience. They also use specialty fulfillment and logistics techniques to make it convenient and accessible.

Interested in the Founder Story? Listen to our podcast with Market Wagon Co-Founder, Nick Carter! 

How Does Market Wagon Work?

Market Wagon has partnered with over 2,500 local farmers and artisans across a large portion of the nation. You simply set your location and shop online for the products you want.

Farmers and artisans then deliver their products to a weekly local hub. Once your order is gathered, they deliver it to your home. Usually delivery is within the same week.

Market Wagon’s Online Platform

Market Wagon’s online platform is easy to use. There are many delivery areas. You can check your zip code on their homepage or their list of delivery networks. If your local area is not yet in the Market Wagon delivery network, stay tuned because their network is expanding all the time! 

The online platform will automatically index what products are available in your area. The platform will only show products produced locally to you.

What Products Does Market Wagon Carry?

Market Wagon Door Delivery

Market Wagon carries a wide variety of products. These will often include locally sourced fresh produce, dairy & eggs, and meat & seafood. Plus, they also have a range of prepared foods, like bakery goods, soups, or even fully prepared meals. You can also shop for staple pantry items, artisan bath & beauty products, and much more!

Since the products are all locally sourced, the exact range of products offered will vary depending on your location and the time of year. For example, you’ll be able to get fresh, local apples at the peak of apple season. 

And, there are still plenty of products that are available year-round! Items like eggs, meat, bakery goods, and other products are consistent offerings, regardless of local seasonality or climate. In addition, many farmers and producers are using greenhouses and indoor growing to further extend their offerings.

When these items are delivered to you, they will be packaged in a way that keeps them safe. For example, insulated packaging and cold packs are used to keep cold items from getting too warm. This means you don’t need to worry about anything going bad as it is being to your doorstep. 

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How Much Does Market Wagon Cost?

With Market Wagon, you don’t have to worry about membership fees. Instead, you simply pay for what you want to purchase. Go right to the store page, and you can start adding items to your basket. Then, when you’re done, place the order and it will be delivered to you for $6.95. 

For shoppers that are interested in saving on their delivery fee, Market Wagon offers Wagon Pass, which is affordably priced and offers member-only offers and Wagon Day perks! 

Unfortunately, at this time Market Wagon cannot accept SNAP/EBT due to USDA rules. However, it is possible that there will be a policy change in the future that will allow them to do so. 

Shopping with Market Wagon

We found shopping with Market Wagon to be extremely easy. Shopping on this site is like shopping at a regular store. Except with Market Wagon, you can shop for local items without leaving your home. 

Once you are on the site and input your location, you will see a list of items that are available to you. You choose which items you want and can even select which farms and vendors you want to buy from. 

Delivery times are determined by when you order. However, standard Market Wagon purchases are delivered once a week, usually in the mid-to-late afternoon. 

Depending on your preferences, you will receive an email or text message when the order arrives. This way, you can bring in the order and start unpacking right away. 

Finally, when you return to shopping at Market Wagon, your experience will be better. The site shows your previous orders and favorites, making them easy to reorder. It even offers suggestions based on past selections. 

Why We Recommend Market Wagon

Market Wagon Fall Product Line

Market Wagon Provides Information on the Farms and Local Goods It Sells

Knowing where you are getting your food from is incredibly important. Doing so allows you to make sure you are eating products that meet the standards you have set for yourself. 

Market Wagon allows you to do this and more. With this platform, you pick the farms and producers you want to do business with. Market Watch even allows you to chat with the farmer if you have any additional questions. So, if you want to know more about their raising practices or the methods they use, you will be able to find out. 

Every Market Wagon Order Supports Local Farms and Businesses

We love that Market Wagon supports local farms and businesses with every order. Buying products from other companies often comes with a little bit of guilt. In most cases, your purchase will give more money to an already massive corporation.

However, with Market Wagon, you are helping your own community. This keeps your food dollars in your local economy. Market Wagon uniquely empowers small or local businesses with market access for their food and artisan products.

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Market Wagon is Your Perfect Holiday Shop

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing

Serving fresh, local food for your holiday meals will allow you to prepare the ideal holiday dinner. Market Wagon can make your holiday meal shopping much easier. Some of the items we will be buying to prepare our holiday meal include:

  • Local and Fresh Turkey
  • Eggs and Dairy for Baking
  • Local Vegetables like Squash, Onions, and Potatoes

Don’t like cooking, but love a home-cooked meal? Market Wagon has you covered here too! Some of our favorite items from Market Wagon include their pre-made or pre-prepped items for Thanksgiving: 

  • Brined Turkeys, ready-to-cook
  • Smoked Turkeys, heat & serve
  • Casseroles and Veggie Side Dishes, heat & serve
  • Artisan Pies and Baked Goods, ready-to-eat
  • Charcuterie Board Kit, ready-to-assemble

You can choose from unprepared or prepared foods or even create a mix! For instance, you may want to order a fresh uncooked turkey with a prepared side or dessert. You could also build an order that will allow you to. Market Wagon makes it easy to serve all of the delicious holiday meals you want with less stress.

Remember, Market Wagon isn’t just limited to food and baked goods. You can even purchase hostess favors and gifts, such as handmade soaps, flower arrangements, and more.

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Also, Giving the Gift of Local this holiday season is an option with Market Wagon Gift Cards

Pre-orders are Live for Thanksgiving!

Pre-orders are Live for Thanksgiving

Pre-orders for Thanksgiving are live now on While the holidays may seem far away, they’ll be here before you know it. Now is the time to pre-order your produce, meats, and other supplies for your Thanksgiving dinner from Market Wagon!

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