Meet the Ultimate Green Grapes: AUTUMNCRISP®

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If you frequent the produce aisle, you may have noticed a new, vibrant brand of green grapes around town. While they aren’t a new variety, AUTUMNCRISP® grapes have only recently become a household name thanks to exciting and unprecedented marketing efforts by the Sun World team. 

Those who have had the chance to taste them can confirm that the big, bold branding matches their irresistible crisp and unforgettable flavor.

Our Favorite Fresh Face In Produce: AUTUMNCRISP®

Now that AUTUMNCRISP® grapes are available at major United States retail locations, they have become a go-to green grape for both on-the-go snacking and favorite recipes. 

Distinctly sweet flavor with subtle hints of muscat make them a crowd favorite, and AUTUMNCRISP® growers use sustainable practices like soil nutrient management to provide premium quality every single season. This means the giant, juicy and, of course, crisp green grapes are available year-round!

AUTUMNCRISP® grapes in package with green background and Crisp & Juicy

Flavor That Elevates The Everyday Eating Experience

Anyone can grow plain, sweet green grapes. It’s the remarkably crisp burst of muscat flavor that makes AUTUMNCRISP® stand out from the crowd. 

While most muscat grapes are grown for white wine, the subtler undertones of musky flavor in these green grapes make them a uniquely sweet and delicious snack with notes of citrus, rose and peach.

Taste The AUTUMNCRISP® Difference

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy these grapes for yourself just yet, now is the perfect time. Bags of AUTUMNCRISP® grapes can now be found in produce aisles across the country. 

Interested? Keep your eyes peeled for the seal on your next shopping trip! 


Greater Grapes Make For Greater Recipes

To celebrate, we have partnered with The Produce Moms to create several recipes inspired by the crisp juiciness and fantastic flavor of AUTUMNCRISP®. Give these recipes a try and see how these green grapes can cement their status as a must-have item in your produce drawer:

Green Salad

Green Salad with AUTUMNCRISP grapes

What’s a green salad? It’s a salad that’s… green! We took the name literally and used all green ingredients. Made with spicy arugula, juicy AUTUMNCRISP® grapes, crunchy fennel, hydrating cucumbers, buttery avocado, and nutty pepitas — this salad is truly a “green” salad. Plus, it’s easy to throw together and light and crisp on the palate. Get the recipe here.

Grape Salsa

You’ll love this Grape Salsa recipe! It’s sweet, savory and just a hint spicy. It comes together in a matter of minutes. The star of the show? AUTUMNCRISP® grapes, of course! 

Wild Rice Salad

AUTUMNCRISP® Grapes Wild Rice Salad

The dark wild rice with aromatic AUTUMNCRISP® grapes, tart cranberries, and creamy goat cheese combines all of your favorite fall and winter flavors into one simple dish. Get the recipe here.

Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia Salad with AUTUMNCRISP® grapes

This ambrosia salad recipe is an easy fruit dessert that satisfies any sweet tooth craving. It’s an easy, make-ahead treat that can satisfy a large crowd or last you during the week. With just enough sweet ingredients paired with nutritious fruits, it’s both a mom and kid-approved recipe. This Ambrosia Salad has some secret ingredients, real whipping cream and fresh, juicy AUTUMNCRISP® grapes. Get the recipe here

Roasted Grapes and Burrata Board

Burrata and Roasted Grapes Board

Need a quick and decadent appetizer for your next get together? In under 15 minutes, you can pull together this Roasted Grapes and Burrata Board that promises to be a crowd pleaser. The flavor pairing of roasted AUTUMNCRISP® grapes and burrata cheese will have you asking why you haven’t tried this before. Get the recipe here.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Grapes

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This side dish is a special treat. The roasted AUTUMNCRISP® grapes are perfectly sweet and juicy while the butternut squash practically melts in your mouth. 

Have you used AUTUMNCRISP® grapes in any recipes lately? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in your food posts on Instagram @theproducemoms.

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