Juicy Jumbo Blueberries — Everything You Need to Know! 

Jumbo Blueberries in hand

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Who doesn’t love a juicy, plump blueberry?

Whether you’re making a festive trifle, a gooey cookie on a snowy day, or a sweet & savory jam, there’s a variety of sweet and savory recipes you can add blueberries to. 

You know if there’s a way to add a fresh berry to something, The Produce Moms are going to find out how to do it and improve the taste of your recipe. 

And now, there’s a new way to infuse your recipes with sweet, juicy freshness using Jumbo Blueberries!

Large blueberries before being picked.

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They aren’t just big blueberries. There’s a lot more to them than just their size. And as a fellow mom, you’re going to love this inside scoop. 

You’ll find out

  • what a jumbo blueberry is
  • the health benefits of blueberries
  • how to select, store, and serve jumbo blueberries
  • some easy, kid-approved blueberry recipes

First things first, let’s find out more about these jumbo gems.

What are Jumbo Blueberries?

Jumbo blueberries next to a penny

You’ll notice right off the bat that jumbo blueberries are larger than traditionally grown blueberries. The standard size of blueberries is about the size of a dime. Yet jumbo blueberries can be almost as big as a quarter — double the size! 

Not only are jumbo blueberries larger, but that means they’re also juicer … and can still satisfy a sweet tooth any time you get a craving. 😉

Jumbo blueberries are known for their premium crunch on the outside. When you experience this crunch as you bite into a jumbo blueberry and feel the berry burst onto your tastebuds, you’ll be just as hooked on these berries as we are. We’re sure of it!

Are Jumbo Blueberries Good for You?

The short answer is … yes! Health experts consider blueberries to be a superfood with antioxidants.1 

They’re also loaded with hydration, which gives them their juicy burst of sweetness. Jumbo blueberries stay on the vine longer, producing more water inside. With a higher water content, they’re ideal

  •  as a quick snack, fresh out of the container.
  •  for adding in yogurt, oatmeal, and other recipes, such as the ones you’ll find at the end of this blog. 

Whether you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, jumbo blueberries are an easy and tasty way to fill you up without a lot of calories. And don’t forget about fiber and vitamin C to help prevent heart disease and boost your family’s immune system for fewer sick kids (and parents) at home. Save your sick days for when you really need them.

Are Jumbo Blueberries Genetically Modified?

Big blueberries on the bush

Nope, they’re 100% naturally grown without the harmful effects of GMOs. That’s why we’re so head over heels for these big blueberries. But what is it exactly that makes such a drastic difference in the jumbo blueberry’s size, taste, and texture? 

It’s all about where these blueberries are grown. With partners in premium growing locations such as Mexico, Peru, and Florida, North Bay Produce is very selective about where their blueberries are grown. 

Be sure to grab your fresh jumbo blueberries from January thru May at your local grocery store!

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Can You Bake or Cook with Jumbo Blueberries?

Yep, you can bake, cook, blend, and eat jumbo blueberries fresh from the carton. When it comes to how to prep and eat your big blueberries, it’s pretty much the same as the standard sized berries you’re used to buying. Go ahead and add jumbo blueberries to your favorite desserts, appetizers, and sauces for an incredibly sweet, moist, and intense berry flavor your family can’t resist.

How to Select the Highest Quality Jumbo Blueberries

How to select jumbo blueberries

When it comes to choosing your family’s batch of jumbo blueberries, the steps are pretty much the same as selecting traditional blueberries. Just remember:

  • Look for a carton that contains berries similar in size and color. You’re looking for a deep purple / blue color with a powdery white finish called bloom, which is a natural protective layer against the sun, and the skin is smooth, dry, and plump.  
  • It’s not likely with jumbo blueberries, but if you see some that are closer to a dark red – like a grape – those blueberries aren’t ripe yet and will taste tart.

You can find your jumbo blueberries in plastic clamshell containers with the red and green North Bay Produce logo. Most grocery stores carry jumbo blueberries in the produce section when they’re in season. But these may be more difficult to find at bargain grocery stores that only sell what’s leftover.

They sell fast, so grab ‘em before the season ends!

How to Store

Now that you’ve got your jumbo blueberries, let’s store them properly. The number one thing you don’t want to do is store them in an airtight container. This can cause moisture to build up in the container, making your blueberries spoil quicker. Instead, here are a few great, easy ways to store your berries:

  1. The easiest way to store your blueberries is to set them on a shelf in the fridge, right inside the container they came in. The airways in the container keep air moving through so no bacteria develops. You don’t even need to rinse them before storing. 
  1. The second option is to transfer your jumbo blueberries into a large bowl or container and leave it uncovered in the fridge. This works just as well as the clamshell container because it’s not airtight. 
Jumbo blueberries in a plastic clamshell.

Whether you want to save yourself another dish to wash later or you want your kiddos to have easy access to a bowl of fresh berries for an afternoon snack, both of these options work nicely. Pick which one works best for your and your family. 

Just be sure that before you eat them, you rinse your blueberries to get rid of any dirt, bacteria, or small bugs. 

How to Serve

As if jumbo blueberries weren’t amazing enough already, they can be used in any sweet or savory recipe. Again, just be sure that before you toss them in with other ingredients, you rinse to remove any residual dirt/dust from the field.

Here are a few recipes to try with your jumbo blueberries!

Jumbo Blueberry Muffins

A simple yet classic breakfast and snack food for all ages, this blueberry muffin recipe is perfect for busy on-the-go mornings. Made with lots of lemon zest for a refreshing bite, and ready with just ten minutes of prep time. Double or triple the recipe and freeze for less “What’s for breakfast, Mom?” during your morning.  

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Casseroles are always a stress-free way to whip together a favorite dish with minimal work.  And blueberry french toast casserole is no different. Dice your bread, mix the wet ingredients, pour over the bread, add blueberries, and bake! Just because it’s Wednesday doesn’t mean you can’t have a Sunday brunch-style breakfast during the week. 

Blueberry Snow Pea Salad

This warm salad is a fun way to add a deliciously acidic, sweet, and cozy veggie side to any family dinner. Heat the snap peas and walnuts until toasted, and then toss in the blueberries. Transfer to a plate and top with your choice of vinaigrette and shredded parmesan cheese. The melty parm is sure to get your kids into this easy salad recipe.

Fresh Blueberry Galette

Similar to a pie, this blueberry galette gives you all the comfort of a homemade pie without the fuss. Jumbo blueberries are an easy substitution for more sweetness and extra blueberry flavor for a classic and comforting blueberry galette filling. 

Blueberry Cheesecake

If your family is addicted to blueberries – no judgments here! – you’ll love this homemade blueberry cheesecake recipe. Filled with jumbo blueberries in the cheesecake filling and smothered in a blueberry sauce. And you’ll find some easy cheesecake tips to prevent cracking and make your smoothest cheesecake yet. 

Use your jumbo blueberries interchangeably with any recipe for sweeter, bolder blueberry yumminess your family will request over and over again.

Why We Love North Bay Produce

North Bay Produce Jumbo Blueberries

At The Produce Moms, the quality of the produce we select, store, and serve for our kids is one of our top priorities. North Bay Produce cares about quality as much as we do and is committed to providing high quality fruits and veggies for you and your family. From growing your berries to delivery at your grocery store, each blueberry is inspected for guaranteed freshness.

Look for jumbo blueberries in the produce section for all your family’s baking and snacking needs!
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