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After a hot summer, we’re ready for cool weather, color-changing leaves, and most of all, delicious apples! This snackable fruit is back in season and that means you can find the one-of-a-kind SweeTango Apple back in your local produce department.

But there are even better places to find and enjoy our favorite apple variety: at the orchards where they grew! Many of SweeTango’s expert growers either have their own farmer’s markets or bring their goods to local markets. Where will you find SweeTango apple growers near you?

About SweeTango Apples

What makes SweeTango apples so special? From taste to texture, there’s a lot to talk about! We love their sweet flavor that features hints of honey, spice, and citrus. They’re ideal for cooking and baking in all kinds of dishes and pair well with lots of ingredients. But with a remarkably loud and satisfying crunch, they’re great for snacking out of hand, too!

A healthy, tasty SweeTango apple

But there’s more inside an apple than just taste and texture. Apples aren’t just good, they’re good for you, too! They promote good gut health and with no fat or cholesterol, they’re a heart-healthy choice anytime you’re hungry. Bite into one for a nutritious snack!

Folks have been biting into SweeTango apples since 2009, when it was bred from Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties. University of Minnesota researchers combined these two apple varieties using natural, traditional horticulture methods to create the Minneiska tree, the source of SweeTango apples. When they tried their new apple, they knew they had something special in their hands!

Slice them up for tasty snacks

Where do they come from?

SweeTango’s success doesn’t happen without hard work, expertise, and commitment to a common goal. These incredible apples are grown only by the best! SweeTango’s own cooperative of growers, called Next Big Thing, nurture their apples in orchards carefully selected for the best location. Certain climates and growing conditions can help apples thrive, and the minds behind SweeTango want to bring you a superior apple.

A view from a SweeTango Apple Grower

Each grower has a unique story and a one-of-a-kind orchard. Their passion for growing the best fruit around is what makes SweeTango apples so successful! The Produce Moms had the chance to meet the Jacobson family to learn more about the SweeTango story. Read about their lives growing apples at Pine Tree Apple Orchard here.

Find a SweeTango Apple Grower near you!

Next Big Thing growers are located across North America in the United States and Canada, which means fresh SweeTango apples will show up in a produce section near you this year. But There’s an even better way to enjoy these apples: straight from the growers themselves!

Picking the apples you crave

From mid-August or early September through November or early December, visit a farmer’s market in your area to find the freshest of fresh SweeTango apples. Learn more about the Next Big Thing growers in each region of the United States and Canada here. Many of these growers bring their produce, including their SweeTango harvest, to markets in their area. Some growers list the markets they frequent in their Next Big Thing entry, where you’ll also find links to more information about each grower.

SweeTango magic!

Finding your local SweeTango apple growers at a market is a great way to connect your family with the produce they love. SweeTango apples are exclusively grown in Next Big Thing orchards, which are run by families just like yours.

Once you find some SweeTango apples, here are some tasty ways you and your family can enjoy them:

Apple Chicken-Sausage Breakfast Burritos

Tuna Sandwich

Apple Sushi Rolls

Air Fryer Apple Pies

Apple Halloween Charcuterie Board

Apple-Walnut Baked Brie

Did you meet a Next Big Thing grower and buy some delicious SweeTango apples? What are your favorite ways to enjoy them with your family? Let us know in the comments!

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