Meyer Lemons: A Unique Lemon That Isn't Sour!

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Hopefully you are following along with The Produce Mom on Facebook.  We have a ton of fun & we recently started a new game, Produce Safari.  #ProduceSafari is basically an interactive way for us to explore the produce department together… on facebook!  The Safari recently made its first stop at Melissa’s Produce.  Melissa’s is the largest supplier of specialty & exotic produce in the United States – maybe you have seen their products in the grocery store or perhaps you watched when they appeared on IndyStyle with me 🙂

Join the fun! #ProduceSafari
Join the fun! #ProduceSafari

I love all of Melissa’s unique fruits & veggies – perfect products for us foodies!  They are a favored brand by famous chefs & exclusive culinary events around the world.  And they are nice enough to send me samples & offer educational support for The Produce Mom.  Melissa’s recently gave me some Meyer Lemons & given the timing of our #ProduceSafari stop as well as the current availability of Meyer Lemons – I figure we better talk about this product now!

Thank you to Melissa's for being a fan of The Produce Mom!
Thank you to Melissa’s for being a fan of The Produce Mom!

Meyer Lemons have always been a popular find at farmers markets and are starting to become more mainstream.  Honestly, the availability with this commodity is hit-or-miss.  Sometimes Meyer Lemons are really easy for me to find at the grocery store & then I go months without seeing them.  My best advice is that you always ask your grocery store to bring in products or commodities that you want available in your local produce department.  It’s the easiest & quickest way to get what you want.  They will listen to you!  YOU are the boss of me & everyone who works in this industry – don’t ever forget that! 🙂

This is a unique lemon because it isn’t sour.  As a matter of fact, Meyer Lemons are thought to be a cross between a lemon & a mandarin!  They are useful for flavoring both sweet & savory dishes.  I used some of my samples to liven up the flavor of my crockpot applesauce.  One of my favorite things about Melissa’s is all the recipes on their site.  Visit Melissa’s Meyer Lemon page to learn how to make everything from a classic Meyer Lemon Tart to a Meyer Lemon and Ginger Pound Cake.

We’ll talk more about Melissa’s on my Facebook page & here on the blog… but not for long.  Like all good safaris, #ProduceSafari has more adventures on the agenda.  Hop on the bus & join us as we make your produce department more FUN & INTERACTIVE – 1 facebook page at a time! 🙂

xoxo Produce Mom

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