Why are Apples Waxed?

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It’s important that consumers understand the purposes behind our industry practices.  There is a reason why the fresh produce industry puts wax on apples & other fruits and vegetables.  My friends at Sage Fruit helped me understand the purposes during my trip to Yakima Valley for apple harvest.  Today, we want to share this knowledge with you!

apple wax infographic-01 (4)

  • First & foremost -the reason your apples are waxed is to protect the apple!  We use wax on your apples to limit water loss & impede the invasion of pathogens.
  • We are using natural waxes on your apples – Sage Fruit uses Shellac (from the lac beetle) & Carnauba (from palm tree leaves)
  • Any wax that is used on your food is approved by the USDA & FDA
  • NOT JUST APPLES… several other fruits & veggies use wax, among them: peppers, cucumbers & citrus fruits
  • NOT JUST PRODUCE… M&Ms®, dental floss, vitamins, gummy bears – all examples of other things we put in our mouth that are coated with these USDA/FDA approved waxes.

Questions?  Just ask! Sage Fruit & The Produce Mom are always here to help!

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