How to Plan a Plant-Based Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It is crazy to think that it is already that time to start planning your menu. Take the time this holiday to learn how to plan a plant-based Thanksgiving.

Not only will your friends & family enjoy each and every plant-based recipe you create, they will be inspired to eat more produce! Fruits and veggies are full of nutrients to provide health benefits unlike any other food. Plus, produce fills our tables with flavorful, colorful and deliciously fragrant dishes. Plants are truly something we can be thankful for this holiday.

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How to Plan a Plant-Based Thanksgiving

A plant-based Thanksgiving emphasizes fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains while avoiding or limiting animal products. Planning a plant-based Thanksgiving menu does not necessary involve skipping your traditional Thanksgiving Turkey or honey baked ham. It simply means that fruits and veggies will steal the show and become the center of attention!

Determine the crowd.

Plant-Based Thanksgiving

This year has changed the way we celebrate and Thanksgiving might look a little different then years past. Finalizing the guest count is the first step to planning a plant-based Thanksgiving meal. It will help determine the amount and variety of dishes to have on your dinner table. We recommend considering food allergies and preferences of the confirmed guests before going to the next step of planning the menu.

Plan the menu.

Plant-Based Thanksgiving

Consider your kitchen space when planning your Thanksgiving menu. Make recipes ahead of time like stuffing or pie to make space in the kitchen for last minute recipes like the mashed potatoes. It can be helpful to keep a list of those recipes that you plan to make 1-3 days in advance and the recipes that you plan to make on the big day.

Choose the recipes.

There are so many delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes available to pick from, which is why we have put together our favorite 20 plant-based thanksgiving recipes. From entrees to dessert, we have you covered!

Be thankful.

Plant-Based Thanksgiving

Last but not least, be thankful for the time spent with family and friends this holiday season. Enjoy the memories that are created in the kitchen creating plant-based recipes. We will always love the traditional Thanksgiving dishes but creating new traditions can be just as exciting. You are going to be amazed at how plant-based dishes brighten up your Thanksgiving feast.

20 Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving Entrees

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Desserts

Tips to Planning a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu

Plant-Based Thanksgiving

  • Incorporate 1-2 new ingredients into an already familiar dish. Mash steamed cauliflower into mashed potatoes, add nuts or seeds to stuffing or toss pomegranate arils with roasted Brussels sprouts.
  • Garnish with colorful produce. Add fresh cranberries floating on top of a cocktail, apple slices to a charcuterie board, and fresh citrus slices to sparkling water.
  • Substitute ingredients based on preferences. Use chia seeds or an egg substitute to replace eggs in dishes, swap animal proteins like chicken, ham or turkey for lentils, tempeh, beans or nuts and switch to vegetable broth instead of chicken or beef broth in recipes.
  • Prep ahead of time. Many baked recipes can be prepped and frozen ahead of time, then defrosted the night before and baked on Thanksgiving.
  • Buy fresh-cut produce. Purchasing pre-sliced or chopped fresh produce makes prepping plant-based dishes quick and easy.
  • Set up a fruit and veggie tray for guests to snack on before the meal is served. Check out our Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray and Easy Thanksgiving Fruit Tray for inspiration.

Which plant-based recipes will you be serving at Thanksgiving? If you make one or more of these recipes, take a photo and tag us on Instagram @TheProduceMoms.


Plant-Based Thanksgiving

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