5 Reasons to Eat Crenshaw Melon

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If you are following along with the Produce Challenge, you know that Crenshaw Melon is one of my picks for this month!  Crenshaw is a mix between the Casaba and the Persian Melon… lots of people in this industry call it the “Cadillac of Melons”.  It’s better than that, though — it’s more along the lines of the Kim Kardashian custom Bentley of Melons! 🙂  YES, Crenshaw Melon is THAT GOOD.   And lucky us, they’re available now!

5 reasons to eat Crenshaw Melons:

  • Great source of Vitamin A & C
  • Excellent for Salads, Desserts or Soup Recipes
  • Low in Sodium & Fat
  • Known as the Sweetest Produce in the Melon Family
  • It is in season now & throughout the Summer!
5 Reasons to Eat Crenshaw Melon
Add Crenshaw melon to fruit salad, add it to a fruit tray, or eat it by itself. Anyway you eat it, you will enjoy it!


June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month!  Try something new and Find Your Favorite!


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  1. For Kathy Vine, Michigan. I bought seeds and grew them here in Central Ohio (Zone 6B). Haven’t tasted one yet, just looked up information about it. I planted one plant and got 4 melons, so if you want a bunch, you should plant more than one. I planted all kinds of squash and melons along a sunny strip beside my driveway as that is the only space with full sun. I started the seed 6 weeks before first frost, planted the seedlings out May 22nd and harvested them the first week of September. Hope this helps you.

  2. I am trying my hand at growing my own here in Wisconsin. I have 5 melons on my vines. Hope they turn out.

  3. They are available in Market Basket in New Hampshire and Massachusetts now. Maybe they will turn up in Michigan soon too.

  4. Where can I buy Crenshaw Melons in the Northwest Michigan area. I am a big big big fan of crenshaw melons and have not been able to find them since I moved to Michigan 3 years ago. I will even purchase by mail if needed.