How to Select Dates

  • Select dates that remain plump and juicy even after drying. While dates should have some wrinkles, avoid those that are so dry that they’re hard to the touch.
  • Choose dates that are distinct and easy to pick apart from the rest. Avoid dates that have squished together in their packaging and formed a brick or glob.
  • Look for dates that are free of sugar crystallization, which appears as white spots on the skin. This is a sign of aging. These dates are still good to eat, but those without sugar crystallization will last longer when you bring them home.

How to Store Dates

How To Store Dates: Dates can be kept out on the counter, but for best results store them in your refrigerator. Place the dates in an airtight container and keep them anywhere in your refrigerator. Refrigerated dates will keep for up to 30 days. Because they are sun dried, they may last even longer.

How To Freeze Dates: Dates do not need to be prepared in any specific way before being frozen. Because they are dried and contain a large amount of natural sugar, dates will never completely freeze in your freezer. They can easily be prepared for cooking or snacking by simply removing them from the freezer and allowing them to thaw in the refrigerator or on the counter for a day.

How to Serve Dates