November 2021: Podcast Month In Review

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Let’s take a look back at our November 2021 Podcast Episodes.

November on The Produce Moms Podcast had a variety of episodes with some amazing new and returning guests. We started the month diving into the world of pears and how they elevate everyday meals and drinks. We then welcomed back WP Produce to discuss how tropical avocados have a distinct versatility over other varieties. Plus, we introduced you to a company called Feed Forward.  They work to find ways to get people better access to quality food. And of course, we can’t forget the Thanksgiving thoughts from our Founder, Lori Taylor.

Pears continue to grow in popularity, and we want people to view the high-in-fiber fruit as a way to elevate dishes and drinks. Pears are absolutely gorgeous and always make for beautiful home decor or center pieces. And that same beauty can also be found in recipes using pears. We recently talked to the Cocktail Maven, Lisa Carrington, and Neil Ferguson of USA Pears to discuss how people at home can elevate their drinks (and meals) with pears.

While working on corporate America, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Feed Forward, Meg Savage discovered that she had an auto-immune condition that completely changed her relationship with food. Since then, she diverted the way that she works, bringing her to the food innovation field. She wants to find ways to get people better access to quality food. Coming together with her Co-Founders, Winston Chiu and Elizabeth Peralta Foxwell they set a mission to align technology and innovation with the actual needs of their communities.

Tropical avocados have a fresh creamy flavor and a sturdier texture, making them perfect for all kinds of recipes, many of which can be found on The Produce Moms website. Try them in salads, sandwiches, wraps, ceviche, guacamole, pico de gallo, smoothies, or just scooped with a spoon and eaten with a simple sprinkle of salt. Tropical avocados are delicious any way you prepare them—even in desserts! Learn how WP Produce brought tropical avocados to market and how their versatility is unparalleled.

November 2021 Podcast Episode 187

Episode 187 Elevating Meals and Drinks Banner Image

Pears elevate everyday recipes.

Pears may be a type of fruit not thought of in your daily consumption, but it should be. They are a perfect addition to everyday dishes and drinks. And pears add a subtle and sweet flavor. They are a healthy addition to any recipe whether it be cooked, baked, or even mixed into your favorite cocktail.

As people began to care more about what was in their drinks, cocktail makers began shifting from processed ingredients to fresh ingredients. This created the perfect landscape for Lisa to begin experimenting with pears in her drinks and turn her self education of cocktail making into a huge passion. Thanks to her personal relationship with them, and their added qualities and benefits, Lisa assures that the pear is her favorite ingredient to use in her cocktails.

Neil Ferguson, Creative Marketing Manager at USA Pears, expresses that the pear is such a versatile fruit while being an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C with only 100 calories per serving. Pears nutritional benefits also include potassium, iron, and calcium. Also, pears are. sodium, cholesterol and fat-free.  

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November 2021 Podcast Episode 188

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Giving back to employees that make the company what it is.

For some food insecure families, it’s not a simple task getting access to food, let alone healthy food. Pantries are sometimes in scarce supply, or simply don’t provide healthy options. In the five boroughs of New York, Feed Forward is on a mission to make healthy food accessible to those in need. At its core, Feed Forward focuses on empowering a healthy and sustainable food economy. They accomplish this by implementing programs to help secure better food access and even getting better food into supermarkets. Feed Forward does this through their three verticals: programs, products and consultancy. 

Feed Forward’s “More Than A Meal” Program was one of the first established. The technology around the program matches food insecure individuals and families with meals and groceries. After signing up for the program, people are matched with a restaurant or grocery store within walking distance of their home and are able to order and pick up a meal.

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November 2021 Podcast Episode 189

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 Tropical Avocados have a distinct versatility over other varieties.

WP Produce has been growing tropical avocados in Florida and the Dominican Republic for nearly 40 years. As the avocado craze has grown, WP Produce has expanded distribution of their Desbry branded tropical avocados throughout the US and Canada.

Vice President of WP Produce, Desiree Morales, grew up on tropical avocados. In 1984 her father, Willy Pardo, was working in retail markets for a grocery chain in the United States. When he realized they didn’t serve his community with tropical fresh produce items he grew up with in Cuba, he then founded WP Produce to make his favorite fruits, roots and vegetables accessible to other Latin consumers in the United States. 

Vice President of Sales at WP Produce, Christopher Gonzalez, is not only Desiree’s cousin but a second generation grower. To Chris, the versatility of tropical avocados is key, as you get more bang for your buck!

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