Episode 311: Jennifer Crumpler

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In this episode, Lori Taylor and Jennifer Crumpler discuss the impact of cotton agriculture, the cotton value chain, sustainability practices, and the differences between natural and synthetic fibers. They also highlight the book ‘Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment’ and its impact on consumer awareness. The conversation emphasizes the importance of transparency, consumer education, and supporting local agriculture.


The impact of cotton agriculture extends beyond fabric and textiles, with a significant influence on sustainability and consumer choices.
Transparency and consumer education are crucial in understanding the differences between natural and synthetic fibers, as well as making informed purchasing decisions.
Supporting local agriculture and understanding the value chain of cotton production are essential for promoting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.


00:00 Introduction to Cotton Agriculture and Its Impact
03:21 Jennifer Crumpler’s Journey and Passion for Agriculture
08:43 Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers and Fast Fashion Debate
12:09 Sustainability Practices in Cotton Farming and Consumer Awareness
23:03 The Book ‘Unraveled’ and Its Impact on Consumer Awareness


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