Episode 309: Laura Tennyson

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The conversation with Laura Tennyson explores the significance of Juneteenth and its connection to the history of slavery in America, particularly in New Orleans. Laura shares insights into the New Orleans Slave Trade Marker and App Project, shedding light on the deep history of slavery and the impact it had on the development of the United States. The conversation delves into the roots of slavery in American agriculture, the rise of cash crops, and the demand for slave labor. It also highlights the historical significance of Juneteenth as a national holiday and its cultural celebration of freedom and heritage.


Juneteenth is a significant celebration of the end of slavery and reflects on the journey towards equality and justice for African Americans.

The roots of slavery in American agriculture are complex and multifaceted, involving economic imperatives, racial ideology, legal structures, and their impact on the development of the United States.

Understanding the historical significance of Juneteenth and the impact of slavery on the history and development of the US is essential for a deeper understanding of the country’s complex history of racial inequality and economic development.

Information is liberation, and learning about the history of slavery, the resistance of the enslaved population, and the evolution of participatory citizenship is crucial for critical reflection and understanding the concept of liberty.


00:00 Exploring the Significance of Juneteenth and its Historical Context

10:29 The Deep History of Slavery in New Orleans and its Impact on America

16:38 The Roots of Slavery in American Agriculture and the Rise of Cash Crops


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