Entertaining with Matter™ for the Holidays

Entertaining with Matter™ for the Holidays

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This post on compostable holiday dinnerware is sponsored by Matter™.

We know that the holidays can be a hectic time for families, especially when it comes to meals! Whether you’re cooking up a feast in your own home or bringing a dish or three to a holiday gathering, a lot can go wrong between the kitchen and the table and a lot of disposable plastic waste can end up in the trash. This year, trust Matter™ for the holidays and add some stability and sustainability to your holidays with their sturdy, 100% compostable products.

Kitchen Products that Matter

Whether we like it or not, disposable kitchenware tends to be a necessity during holiday meals. Plastic tableware comes to the rescue when there aren’t enough metal utensils to go around. Paper and plastic plates hold hors d’oeuvres and bear leftovers back home with guests. And when everyone is finished with the meal, the rest gets wrapped up in plastic to store in the refrigerator. And that’s not to mention all the plastic containers, cups, straws, baggies, and trash bags we go through!

compostable holiday dinnerware

By using Matter for the holidays, you can cut down on all that plastic waste. Their convenient plates, bowls, cups, tableware, baggies, straws, and other kitchen products are 100 percent compostable. Each one is made from plant matter and will break down quickly in a composting environment.

Unlike conventional disposable kitchenware, you don’t just throw away a Matter™ product: each one actually adds nutrients to the compost, helping you grow healthier plants! If you don’t already have a place to compost, Matter™ kitchenware can help you get started. Include the planet in your gift list by cutting down on your kitchen waste with a compost bin or pile or curbside organics pick-ups. Here’s why composting matters and how you can start doing it yourself!

Trust Matter™ for the Holidays

Paper and plastic kitchenware comes in handy in a pinch. But it isn’t known for being particularly reliable. Plates bend and drop messy servings of holiday favorites on the couch. Plastic cups break and spill drinks all over the floor, ruining your carpet and your holiday with a big stain.

compostable holiday dinnerware

Keep the season merry by using Matter for the holidays. While they’re designed to break down in the compost bin, they’re strong and sturdy at the table! Every Matter product is made to hold up to the rigors of a holiday feast.

You can rely on Matter plates, bowls, and cups to hold up through every course of your meal. Their storage bags, wraps, and containers will keep your food safe and fresh in the fridge or on the road. When you’re ready to clean up your meal, you can count on Matter kitchen bags to hold the garbage without breaking and spilling a not-very-merry mess all over the floor.

Entertaining with Matter™ for the Holidays

Ready to pick up some compostable holiday dinnerware? Just head to your local Target store or shop online to find their full line of kitchen products. Tell us how Matter kept your holidays clean and carefree in the comments below!

Learn more about the Matter™ mission here!

Entertaining with Matter™ for the Holidays

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