Let’s Blend: Mushrooms + Meat For a Healthier Meal

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A Healthier, Tastier Way To Enjoy Meat Dishes

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Let's Blend: Mushrooms + Meat for a healthier meal

Mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses! While not technically a vegetable, they have many of the same nutritional benefits. They are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium. They contain vital nutrients essential for health including:

  • Selenium, a powerful antioxidant that plays a key role in metabolism
  • Potassium, a type of electrolyte that helps with nerve and organ function
  • Riboflavin, a B vitamin crucial for normal cell growth and functioning
  • Niacin, a B vitamin that helps turn food into energy and promotes a healthy nervous and digestive system
  • Vitamin D, crucial for building and maintaining healthy bones
  • Dietary Fiber, promotes digestive health and helps with maintaining a healthy weight

Mushroom Nutrition Facts

While mushrooms can certainly be the star of a meal, they can also be used to boost the flavor and nutrition of meat dishes. Monterey Mushrooms® Let’s Blend™ products allow you to easily add finely diced mushrooms to any meat — ground beef, lamb, chicken, pork, turkey — or they can be used as a meat substitute. They come pre-seasoned, pre-chopped, and ready to blend with meat. Available in three flavors — Classic, Mexican, and Italian — there’s a great option for any type of dish you’re cooking up.

Monterey Mushrooms Let's Blend

Cutting back on meat can be hard. Let’s Blend™ allows you to cut your portions back without actually feeling like it. In fact, it helps you enjoy your meals even more because it enhances meat for a juicier, tastier flavor. Mushrooms have a meaty texture, so it’s a seamless swap. Your family may notice their favorite meat dishes tasting more flavorful, but unless you tell them, they likely won’t guess your secret.

Adding Let’s Blend™ to your meat dishes reduces the overall amount of calories, fat, and cholesterol of the meal. What you gain instead are the many nutritional benefits of mushrooms and juicier, more savory flavors.

Less bad, more good, bigger flavors. Seems like a smart choice to us! Ready to start blending?

Let’s Blend™ Recipes

Let's Blend Beefy Burritos
Let's Blend Chili And Macaroni
Let's Blend Beef Lasagna Rolls

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Be sure to check out all of Monterey Mushrooms® recipes on their website or whip up your own creation. How will you use Let’s Blend™? Share in the comments below or share a photo of your dish on Instagram using the hashtag #LetsBlend and tag @TheProduceMoms and @MontereyMushrooms. 

Happy blending!

Let's Blend: Mushrooms + Meat For a Healthier Meal

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