February 2022: Podcast Month In Review

February Podcast Episode Guests

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February Podcast Episode Guests

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Let’s take a look back at our February 2022 Podcast Episodes.

February 2022 was a month filled with love, passion and excitement of all types for so many delicious produce items! From new apple varieties to everyone’s favorite Idaho potato, walking down The Produce Moms’ memory lane and chocolate that’s direct trade, each of February’s episodes will enlighten you with important information and healthy foods to try.

Image of all 4 February Podcast guests

We kicked off February with Brian Coates, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Applewood Fresh, with whom The Produce Moms has co-branded apple bags! Applewood Fresh grows 20 varieties of delicious, unique apples and uses solar power alongside other efforts that keep their process sustainable. Their apple breeders use specific cross-pollination methods to create new apple varieties that have the exact qualities farmers and consumers want. 

Next, we celebrated our 200th (yes, really!) episode here at The Produce Moms! It wasn’t too long ago that Lori left her corporate career to take The Produce Moms blog to new heights. Thanks to the work of Helina Fox, director of TPM’s podcast, and the rest of the team, we saw more unique downloads in January 2022 than we did in the entire year of 2018! We also celebrated our progress in receiving our B Corp certification which less than 5,000 businesses worldwide carry! 

Of course, we had to celebrate Idaho Potato Lovers Month (formerly just “Potato Lovers Month” until 30 years ago) with Jamey Highman, CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission. The Commission has done a lot of great work to protect, market and grow the “Grown in Idaho” seal. Idaho has the perfect conditions for growing potatoes thanks to its climate and soil made with rich, volcanic ash. Jamey discusses great ways to enjoy Idaho potatoes including Idaho’s famous “fry sauce”. Can you guess what the ingredients are?

We wrapped up February with Heather Terry, Co-Founder and CEO of Good Sam Foods, a company focused on chocolate goodies that are vegan, sugar-free, direct trade and keto-friendly. What’s even better about Good Sam Foods is their direct trade program which pays farmers directly a higher price because they’ve cut out all middlemen in their supply chain. If you want true transparency, Good Sam Foods is cultivating it. You know exactly where their ingredients came from, who touched them along the way, and that your dollar is helping improve the lives of farmers, women and children with how Good Sam’s direct trade program also directly invests in farming communities.

February 2002 Podcast Episode 199

Episode 199 Applewood Fresh Banner Image

There’s an endless supply of new and exciting apple varieties to try, especially from Applewood Fresh.

What’s something you’re always buying at the grocery store without even thinking about it? Probably apples! Beyond the typical varieties you usually buy like Honeycrisp, Gala and Granny smith, there are varieties like Applefresh’s KIKU apple, which is one of the sweetest and juiciest apples around, or the EverCrisp or KANZI. Not only are these apples fresh and delightful with a flavor you may not have tried before, but they are also grown using solar power and natural, cross-pollination methods chosen deliberately by apple breeders to create the flavors you want.

Lori sits down with Brian Coates, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Applewood Fresh to discuss how the company is furthering its dedication to sustainability, protecting the environment and educating the consumer produce mom everywhere! Learn about Applewood’s 20 varieties of apples, The Produce Moms’ co-branded relationship with Applewood Fresh, interesting facts about growing standards and more!

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February 2022 Podcast Episode 200

Episode 200 Lori Taylor and Helina Fox Banner Image

Take a walk down memory lane with Lori Taylor and Helina Fox as they reminisce about TPM’s journey to our 200th episode.

The Produce Moms started as an in-house effort by our founder, Lori Taylor when she was working in the marketing department for Indy Fruit. Lori was so passionate about helping moms everywhere bring more produce to their family’s dinner table, she branched out with The Produce Moms on her own, and Helina, a former coworker and now director of The Produce Moms Podcast has helped grow the podcast exponentially. Thanks to the team’s hard work, we had more unique downloads of TPM’s podcast in January of 2022 than in the entire year of 2018!

To further our impact, TPM is in the process of getting our B Corp certification which certifies you’re operating in a way that is environmentally friendly to your employees and the workforce, and you treat the community and environment in a way that meets the United Nations sustainability standards and goals. Find out how we’re staying true to our mission and the interesting journey we’ve been on to empower farmers, produce moms and the entire produce supply chain in America.

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February 2022 Podcast Episode 201

Episode 201 Idaho Potato Lovers Month Banner Image

February is Idaho Potato Lovers Month and the Idaho Potato Commission’s CEO, Jamey Highman has tons to share.

You can’t think ‘Idaho’ without thinking about potatoes and vice versa, and that’s all thanks to the hard work the Idaho Potato Commission has put into leading, promoting and protecting that famous “grown in Idaho” seal. It was only 50 years ago February was declared “Potato Lovers Month” and then 30 years ago it became specifically synonymous with Idaho! Idaho is practically the perfect place to grow potatoes, with its warm days, cool nights, and soil made of rich, volcanic ash.

Thankfully, demand for potatoes has remained steady throughout the pandemic and potatoes are stored in many storehouses until they’re ready to be shipped around the world. Thanks to Idaho we can enjoy potatoes year-round, whether it’s a loaded baked potato with your steak, creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes, or French fries enjoyed with Idaho’s famous “fry sauce”, a mix of mayonnaise, ketchup and pickle juice!

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February 2022 Podcast Episode 202

Episode 202 Good Sam Banner Image

Heather Terry, Co-Founder and CEO of Good Sam Foods is making chocolate that’s better than fair trade and healthy for all types of chocolate lovers.

You might think of doing something good when you’re buying a product with the fair trade seal, but companies with fair trade certifications only use 1% of their top-line sales to give back to farmers. Heather Terry and the Good Sam team wanted to do something better, so they created a direct trade program that directly invests in farming communities, giving money alongside farmers and actively managing projects that foster growth.

Heather has a background in the chocolate trade and became well aware of the horrible conditions farmers, women and children go through around the world. With Good Sam, she’s ensuring her entire supply chain has eliminated all middlemen so they can pay farmers directly and at a higher price. Plus, this lets you, the consumer, know exactly where your product has come from and who has touched it for true transparency. Find out more about Good Sam’s vegan, sugar-free, direct trade, keto-friendly goodies and work creating a transparent supply chain by listening to this episode!

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