Episode 97: Monica Salhotra and Allie Shanholt

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Episode 97 Monica Salhotra Do Anything Foods

Do Anything Foods is real food for real life.

As with so many fantastic brands we feature on The Produce Moms, Do Anything Foods was created by busy moms like you who weren’t willing to compromise quality for convenience. When Monica Solhotra became mom, she was completely overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities that accompanied parenthood.

She would plan meals and fill the fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. When life inevitably got in the way and she found herself with a fridge full of produce at the end of each week, she realized she needed a solution to keep them from going bad, and to make them tasty enough for the pickiest eaters.

Each week, she began blending together an assortment of leftover veggies to clear the fridge. This magic sauce became a dip, marinade, pasta sauce, stew base, etc. You name it, she served it! It was truly a multipurpose concoction that packed a powerful punch of nutrients in the myriad of meals served throughout the week.

Monica Salhotra and Allie Shanholt founded Do Anything Foods, and their magic sauce can now be found online and in stores on the east and west coasts.

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What is Do Anything Foods?

Do Anything Foods puts super nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in sauces that you can do anything with.

It’s no secret that more people are trying to get back into the kitchen to regularly prepare fresh meals. This sauce is truly a game-changer!

They have created a delicious line of five different sauces that have the potential to create countless meal options.

Cauliflower alfredo, kale pesto, butternut squash sauce, tomato veggie sauce, and beet pesto all provide dynamic flavors, vibrant colors, and most importantly, vital nutrients for your whole family. These sauces are all extremely versatile and fit perfectly in place of their more traditional, less nutritious, counterparts.

What is NOT in these sauces.

We already know that Do Anything Foods are full of nutritious and delicious ingredients, but let’s talk about what they DON’T put into their sauces.

In the early stages of production, so many people told Monica and Allie that it would be impossible to create their product at scale without taking some shortcuts. Most products you find on the shelves have been heated at a high temperature for long periods of time. This degrades the nutrients. Do Anything opts to use High Pressure Pasteurization to keep ingredients vibrant and fresh and maintain the highest quality and nutrient content.

These magic sauces are organic, non-GMO, with NO preservatives, filler ingredients, or emulsifiers. The only oil they use is organic EVOO, and the products contain seeds instead of nuts to make them safe to pack in a lunchbox for school!

Episode 97 Allie Shanholt Do Anything Foods

Try this “no recipe” recipe with Do Anything Foods sauces.

When it comes to talking about how to use these sauces, they are so versatile that the sky’s the limit!

One easy, delicious favorite is a super simple grain bowl. This is a fantastic go-to for a busy weeknight.

  • Prepare grain of choice – we like quinoa or rice
  • Add a protein – chicken, tofu, ground turkey, etc.
  • Grab some greens and roasted veggies.
  • Add all ingredients to the bowl and top with Do Anything sauce of choice!

Believe it or not, the beet pesto is a huge hit. It’s sweet and savory flavor combo makes it a great sauce for sandwiches. Try it on a pizza with goat cheese and arugula, or spread it on a burger with some sprouts and avocado.

The tomato veggie sauce is perfect for a soup, stew, or curry. It also makes a delicious pizza sauce!

Finally, for a quick way to take a box of mac and cheese to the next level – prepare as directed and then add the butternut squash sauce! It’s rich, creamy, and great way to sneak those veggies in!

Do Anything Foods can be found online and in stores across the East and West coast. Use their store locator to see if their sauces are carried in a grocery store near you.

Do Anything Foods wants to give you an exclusive discount. Order on the website and use the code PRODUCEMOMS15 to get $15 off your first purchase!

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Episode 97: The Magic Solution for Mealtime with Monica Salhotra and Allie Shanholt, Co-founders of Do Anything Foods 

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