Episode 88: Andrea Watson, Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador of Nature Knows

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“[Plastic reduction] is being demanded now in a way it never has been before. There is a consumer awareness of what it means to live sustainably.” – Lori Taylor (6:35-7:00)

Changing the world, one package at a time.

Andrea Watson, Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador of Nature Knows, is passionate about sustainability, and is using this drive to change the world through packaging. Nature Knows is an eco-friendly packaging company who aim to make sustainability accessible to all. Andrea has been voted the Canadian Woman Food Entrepreneur of the year, and Nature Knows received the award of Duke’s top innovative product of 2019.

Episode 88: How to Eliminate Plastic Waste in Your Kitchen with Andrea Watson, Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador of Nature Knows

When Andrea’s daughter started school, and Andrea found herself packing the lunch box each day, she realized that something had to shift in the way we package produce. The bags, boxes, and wrappers that ensure our produce makes it safely into our homes are contributing to astronomical amounts of waste. 

Since 1950, over 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been generated. 

However, current statistics show that only 9% of plastics are being recycled. 

One look around the produce section and you’ll notice that most of the packaging is plastic. 

And almost 90% of all of it will end up in landfills.   

As a society, we’ve been talking about sustainability for years now. However, most of the focus has been placed on better stewarding our natural resources like water and energy, while not doing enough to reduce the amount of waste being created. 

It’s time to do something about it! And doing your part could be much simpler than you even realize. 

What is Nature Knows?

Andrea and her team at Nature Knows have created an amazing, innovative solution to cut down on plastic waste. 

They provide fresh fruits and veggies that are already washed through a special proprietary, all-natural process and packaged in containers come from the earth, and return to the earth. 

Compared to traditional produce packaging, the cost increase is minimal, and completely with it when you think of the waste eliminated (both plastic and produce), and the convenience simply grabbing your veggies ready to eat straight out of the bag or box! 

Ready to eat packaging helps ensure those fruits and veggies get eaten, on the go or at home, instead of browning beyond recognition at the back of your fridge. So much produce waste actually happens in our homes. Life is busy, and taking the time to prep your produce isn’t always feasible. 

These products are good for the planet, but also a lifesaver for your produce! 

“We increase freshness 50% more than if it was in a plastic cup or tray. It’s huge in terms of saving the food waste.” – Andrea Watson (8:45) 

Not only is Nature Knows eliminating produce waste, but plastic waste as well. The packaging, called “eco-friendly plastic,” is made from corn. It looks and performs like plastic, but it’s a breathable material that is fully compostable.

Episode 88: How to Eliminate Plastic Waste in Your Kitchen with Andrea Watson, Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador of Nature Knows

What if I don’t compost? 

With busy lives that can feel as if they’re getting busier by the day, composting may not make it to the top of your list of priorities.  

That’s ok! 

Nature Knows products are created with everyone in mind!

What comes from the earth WILL return to the earth, whether in a compost pile or a landfill. Because the packaging is natural, it will break down WITHOUT creating more chemicals in our landfill. When it goes into the landfill, it does add to the amount of waste, but Nature Knows has lovingly nicknamed it, “good garbage.” While the product will break down more quickly in a home or commercial compost setting, it will still return to the earth over time. 

So, whether you are an avid composter, or you feel accomplished when the empty produce bags make it out of the fridge and into the trash can, Nature Knows is for you.  

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