Episode 86: Allison Baker, VP of Business Development at Baze

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“Baze is a young, global company, well-positioned to make this concept and truth of personal nutrition accessible for all.”  – Lori Taylor (19:03)

The future of personalized nutrition is NOW.

Allison Baker is a Registered Dietician, the VP of Business Development at Baze, and an absolute superstar in the realm of personalized nutrition. 

Baze was founded in 2014 with a mission to revolutionize the personal nutrition industry. Baze utilizes cutting edge technology to test client’s blood nutrient levels, tailor a unique supplement plan. They take the guesswork out of nutrition and believe they hold the key to provide optimized healthcare for all. 

“The whole purpose of our brand is to empower individual wellness for all.” – Allison Baker  (29:02)

We are surrounded by supplements, but still in the dark. 

When it comes to supplements, there is no shortage. In fact, 73% of the US takes a multivitamin. And yet, 33% of individuals have a nutrient deficiency. 

Across the board, Americans are deficient in every micronutrient except sodium. 

Furthermore, the measurements used to determine the “standard” RDA for nutrients are only aimed to keep you from being deficient, not focused on getting your levels optimized for exceptional health. 

The system is broken. 

How do we actually know what we need, and how much we should be taking? 

We don’t. 

When we rely on guesswork to help us choose which micronutrients to supplement, and how much of each we should be taking, the statistics show we drastically miss the mark. 

This is where Baze comes in. 

Nutrition is a personal journey. Your needs are as unique as you are. Baze can help. 

Baze is a pioneer in blood nutrient technology. 

Nutrient testing through your general practitioner is expensive, time-consuming, and is not typically readily available for the comprehensive set of nutrients tested by Baze. Our healthcare system is focused on treating disease after it happens. Baze believes that focusing on preventative healthcare now will change the future of our wellness and increase our longevity. 

It’s important to know where you’re deficient, and also to know the dosage of nutrients you need to close the gap and optimize your health. 

How does Baze work?

The process is simple. Baze sends a personalized nutrition testing kit right to your door. The device uses an array of tiny needles paired with suction to provide a virtually painless process. You return the kit, and your blood levels are analyzed. 

You then receive a personalized report and supplements are recommended, using a dosing algorithm based on the results, and they are shipped directly to you. 

 A dietician approves every single dose before it goes out the door. 

Three months later your levels are reassessed. 

Clients who reassessed saw a 73% decrease in deficiencies. These results are absolutely phenomenal and unheard of in this industry. 

Episode 86: The Future of Nutrition is Personalized with Allison Baker, VP of Business Development at Baze

What are the results? 

What does it look like to have your nutrient levels optimized? Baze clients have experienced some incredible results. 


  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Optimized Immune System
  • Healthier Skin
  • Weight Management 

If you’re like many of us, and struggle to fall into a regular routine of taking a daily supplement, Allison said, “It’s ok!” Even taking your personalized supplement every couple of days will still bring your levels to an optimal level. It may just take a little bit longer than the average 12 weeks. 

When you give your body the nutrients it needs, it performs in the way it was designed. It was created to thrive, and be healthy.

We spend too much of our time focusing on the things we need to cut out of our diet in order to be healthier. But what if, optimal health wasn’t found in the things we eliminated from our diet, but rather the nutrients we put in? 

When Produce and Supplements Partner Up. 

“Baze is really focused on the mission. This is a company that cares about the end result, to the point that they are actively collaborating with complementary industries… it’s really cool to see how authentic the Baze company is.” – Lori Taylor  (28:19)

Food is the foundation of everything we do. At Produce Moms we know that optimal health begins with an optimal diet. 

Supplements are just that – a supplement. 

Recently, Baze has partnered with companies like Monterey Mushrooms and Eat Local to pair necessary supplements with real food. 

Initiatives like increasing the amount of Vitamin D in Monterey Mushrooms through enhanced UV exposure are revolutionizing your ability to get the nutrients you need from the food you love. 

Baze and Eat Local partnered to create pre-prepared meals that contain the most common nutrients that are deficient in our diets. Deploying the power of your personalized vitamins, while tailoring your food intake in support is literally a 360-degree solution to optimize your health. 

Optimal health has never been more attainable. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our families to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to live a long, healthy life! So what are you waiting for

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TPM Podcast with Allison Baker of Baze

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