Episode 80: Let Food Be Thy Medicine with Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Cali’flour Foods, Amy Lacey

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Amy Lacey is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Cali’flour Foods. When her business exploded in 2017, Amy went from “CEO” of her household of five, to managing the expansion of a wildly successful, and much needed company. 

While many new products hit the shelves of grocery stores as a result of the monetary dreams of an entrepreneur, Cali’flour was born out of Amy’s personal health struggle, and the vegetable that changed her life. 

Let food be thy medicine.

When Amy Lacey suddenly fell ill, she received a Lupus diagnosis, and a plethora of new medications. The pain, depression, and horrendous side effects of all the medications made it difficult for Amy to make it through each day. This wife, and mom of three, decided that enough was enough, and began to research ways to use food to treat her condition. 

When Amy began cutting grains and sugar from her diet, she saw a dramatic shift in her health. Eventually she was able to come off of ALL her medications, and lost 40 lbs in the process! 

The return to “normalcy.”

In an effort to return some normalcy to family life, after this 9 month struggle, Amy sought out a way to make their family game night favorite – pizza. In the midst of her search she found cauliflower. 

It’s so easy to swap unhealthy foods for more healthy options, but it is not as easy to make it taste good! Using a recipe found online, she attempted to create a cauliflower pizza crust. After a few failed pizza crusts, Amy Lacey was able to adapt a recipe that her whole family enjoyed – even the son who refuses to eat his vegetables! 

From there, the rest is history. The crust became a family favorite, and a friend convinced Amy to sell the crust at a local Farmer’s Market. Amy then utilized her background in ecommerce to set up shop on the web. And Cali’flour Foods was born. 

Where healthy food meets culture. 

There is something so universal about the way that food brings people together. Food ingrained into each culture. One of the beautiful aspects of Cali’flour is the way they are able to provide healthy alternatives to traditional comfort food products. Amy’s goal is to create products that are reminiscent of the foods you love.   

Why cauliflower? 

Amy uses the word “bland” to describe cauliflower, which is so accurate. However, she shares that the mild flavor makes it absolutely perfect. It has the ability to take on the flavor of other foods, and it has a consistency that gives it versatility as a flour alternative. 

Cauliflower is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is a quiet vegetable with loud benefits! 

“There’s no better time to make those healthy swaps than the start of a new year.” – Lori Taylor. (17:43-17:48)

What sets Cali’flour Foods apart? 

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Cali’flour is now one product of so many that have gotten creative with cauliflower. Look down the aisles of your local grocery and you’ll find rice, pretzels, and several crust options, to name just a few products. 

In the cauliflower product industry, Cali’flour reigns supreme. While many other brands use cauliflower that has been powdered or pureed – and imported from China – Cali’flour’s produce is grown in California goes directly from their farm to their manufacturing plant. 

They are avid about avoiding waste, and thus, utilize all parts of the cauliflower! 

When shopping for cauliflower products, it is so important that you take time to read the ingredient list. Fillers result in a lower quality food, and likely indicate that an alternative form of cauliflower has potentially been used. 

Where to Find Cali’flour

Cali’flour products are in grocery stores nationwide. You can visit their website to find a store near you!  Amy and her team have developed a cookbook with 125 recipes that utilize cauliflower! 

Cauliflower changed Amy’s life, and now she is on a mission to change yours. If you’re looking for food items that nourish your body, and your family’s body, while still tasting good, Cali’flour can help! 


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