Episode 68: The Most Underrated Type of Onions with Jessica Peri

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“Onions are in every home and restaurant. They’re a part of everyone’s recipes, whether it’s a gourmet restaurant or grandma’s family recipe.”  –Lori Taylor (4:13 – 4:26)

Jessica Peri is a fourth-generation farmer at Peri & Sons Farms, one of the leading onion growers in the country. Starting with only 100-acres in 1979, Peri & Sons Farms has experienced incredible growth while maintaining the company’s reputation as one of the most well respected family-owned onion farms in the industry. 

Peri & Sons Farms

“When people get a recipe that requires onions, they often go for yellow onions simply because that’s what their grandma used.” – Jessica Peri (5:06 – 5:14)

Looking Beyond Yellow Onions

Whether it’s a chef at a fancy restaurant, or your grandma making her signature pasta dish, onions are a staple in most recipes. But American consumers often miss out on the variety of onions available on the market and their unique characteristics. Yellow onions may be your go-to choice because that’s what was used in your family growing up. Or, you might have never given it too much thought, and you just pick the yellow onions because they typically occupy the most shelf space at the store.

If that sounds familiar, then you may be missing out. There is a wide array of onions for you to choose from, including red onions, white onions, sweet ones, and others. But white onions are one of the most underrated onions available. 

Why You Should Be Using More White Onions

White onions are one of the best types of onions for cooking. They’re flavorful, cook better, and don’t taste bitter. They can also add a crispy texture to the meal. The market for white onions is mostly untapped, and there’s a big opportunity to introduce white onions to consumers to broaden their cooking and taste horizons. White onions are widely used in Mexican, French, and Italian cuisines, which are known for their exceptional flavor. 

“White onions are truly an untapped market. They cook better than yellow onions, have no bitter taste, and maintain a crispy texture.” –  Jessica Peri (5:20 – 5:32)

Consumers might not be using more white onions because they’re typically given a small section on grocery store shelves. But don’t let that stop you. Next time you’re at the store, choose some white onions and give them a try. You might be surprised by what you discover. 

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