Episode 303: Chef Daniel Patino

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In this episode of the Produce Moms podcast, Lori Taylor interviews Chef Daniel Patino, the Executive Chef at Salad and Go. They discuss the mission of Salad and Go to bring healthy, affordable, and delicious food to everyone. Chef Patino emphasizes the importance of fresh produce in their menu and how they prioritize quality and taste. They also talk about the menu innovations at Salad and Go, including their customizable salads, wraps, and breakfast options. The conversation highlights the role of food in bringing people together and creating emotional connections. Chef Patino shares his passion for making a difference in people’s lives through food.


  • Salad and Go is on a mission to bring healthy, affordable, and delicious food to everyone.
  • Fresh produce is a priority at Salad and Go, and they work closely with farmers to ensure the best quality.
  • The menu at Salad and Go offers a variety of options, including customizable salads, wraps, and breakfast items.
  • Food is more than just nutrition; it is a way to celebrate culture and create emotional connections.
  • Chef Patino believes in leaving a positive impact on the world by providing good food that tastes great.


00:00 Introduction and National Salad Month

06:15 Menu Offerings and Accessibility

28:42 Flexibility and Convenience of the Menu

35:20 The Importance of Fresh Produce at Salad and Go


Website: Home page – Salad And Go

Facebook: Salad and Go | Facebook

Instagram: Salad and Go (@saladandgo) • Instagram photos and videos

LinkedIn: Salad and Go | LinkedIn

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