Episode 66: Eating Healthy on the Go With Alison Velázquez

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The Produce Moms Podcast

“Fresh produce is not only a cornerstone of my brand. It’s a cornerstone to my own diet as well.” Alison Velázquez (6:45 – 6:53)

Drinkable soup is the newest food trend you definitely want to get in on. When you’re in a hurry for your eight o’clock meeting but haven’t eaten breakfast yet – what do you reach for? A nutrition bar? Strawberry pop tarts? Do you find eating healthy on the go to be terribly difficult? 

Alison Velázquez is raising the bar for grab and go meals. The Chicagoan is the Founder and CEO of Skinny Souping, a line of drinkable plant-based soups designed for deliciousness hot or chilled. You can feed your body the real food it needs for optimum health. 

Skinny Souping

“Most people struggle to survive on protein shakes and bars stashed in their cars. But what they really want are real veggies and real nutrition.” – Alison Velázquez (3:47-3:54)

Alison was born in Mexico City. When her family relocated to Chicago, they brought with them their traditional dishes. “Soup was always at the center of our table,” Alison remembers. Every meal was fresh and made from scratch. 

As life got busier, Alison found it challenging to stick to her healthy values. There had to be a better alternative to protein smoothies for a quick grab and go meal. 

Your body needs real food 

Soup is filling and nutrient-dense. But it’s hardly been the first choice for a mess-free grab-and-go meal. Now you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Skinny Souping makes it easy for you to grab and go with their single-serve bottles (BPA-free of course). There are plenty of unique flavors for you to choose from like Lemon Broccoli Arugula and Red Pepper Chickpea Basil. Or you get your chef’s hat on and try out Alison’s personal recipes from her latest book

Real food means fresh produce and veggies 

Skinny Souping only uses all-natural and simple ingredients. “The majority of the product in these soups are all fresh,” Alison states, “We’re really working to get as much local produce as possible.” The nutrition label doesn’t read like hieroglyphics. That’s because the Skinny Souping flavors are simple, vegan and gluten-free with no preservatives. A single-serve holds no more than 300 calories with less sodium than most soups on the market.

“Look for natural ingredients you know in your food products. The Spicy Super Greens soup has tons of fresh produce. I love it!” – Lori Taylor (4:54 – 5:00)

You can find Skinny Souping at select stores. If you don’t see a store near you, then head to your local store and make a product request. Don’t underestimate the change you can make. The consumer’s voice is powerful. Ditch the sugary and unfilling meals. Drink fresh today to look and feel your best. Eating healthy on the go is about to get much easier! 

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