Episode 55: Changing the World Through Food and Words with Chadwick Boyd

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Episode 55: Changing the World Through Food and Words with Chadwick Boyd

“One of the things I love about Chadwick is that he understands and practices the idea that food is how life happens.” – Lori Taylor (28:03 – 28:14)

Chadwick Boyd is a food and lifestyle expert. He is the host of Reel Food, the first food entertainment series in movie theaters nationwide. Chadwick also appears on TV shows like Hallmark’s Home & Family, Food Network’s The Kitchen, and many other shows all across the country. Chadwick’s Recipe Collection, Entertaining with Vegetables, is now in its 6th printing and was chosen by TED as one of the 78 books to help you recharge your life.

How Chadwick Boyd became a food and lifestyle expert.

Chadwick Boyd, one of America’s leading food and lifestyle experts, didn’t start out as a chef. He began as an actor, and his primary interest was in the area of arts throughout his teens and his early career. Chadwick didn’t discover his passion for food until his late twenties. However, after falling in love with food, he has grown into a leader and an innovator in the culinary arts space. Not only is he excellent at what he does, fresh produce plays a vital part in the majority of his work!

“Regardless of age or background, food is the one thing that can connect us all.” – Chadwick Boyd (9:18 – 9:35)

As Chadwick grew in his knowledge of food and recognized the room for creativity within the craft, he began combining his cooking skills and his background in storytelling to create unique experiences for the audience. This innovative approach landed him on prominent networks like CBS, NBC, and the Food Network. Today, after 25 years, he continues to change the world through food and words for the millions of people through various media outlets.

How Chadwick Boyd is changing the world for good through food and words.

Reel Food – Reel Food is the first food entertainment series screened in movie theaters nationwide. Every month a new episode hits 15,000 movie screens across the country, reaching approximately 40 million people. Reel Food brings a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of fun to the silver screen before the main show. Each episode aims to be playful, exciting, modern, and fresh, and they are only 1-3 minutes long.

Chadwick’s Mission – Chadwick’s mission is, “to change the world for good through food and words.” That purpose informs his work regardless of whether he is on HLM talking about watermelons, or if he is advising his clients at Campbell soup. He aims to tell a story around food that helps people be better, learn something new, and connect with food because he understands how central food is to our lives.

Fresh Produce – Fresh produce accounts for around 65% of the entire body of Chadwick’s work. It’s not something he has to strive to accomplish. It happens naturally because of his love for fresh fruits and vegetables. He appreciates the opportunities the produce section offers in terms of flavors, nutrition, and creativity, and he is passionate about bringing those ideas to his audience. For example, one way Chadwick helps increase the value of broccoli is by slicing it and using the stalk, instead of chopping it off and losing half of the vegetable.

“I’m always looking for little ways to help people not only get more value but to also play a little bit more with their produce.” – Chadwick Boyd (19:35-19:45)

Food can be delicious, nutritious, and creative without being complicated. Simple tweaks to how we usually prepare our meals can enhance flavor, texture, and how much we enjoy them. If you want to impress the guests at your next dinner party, Chadwick’s recipes are a great place to start. And make sure to check the theaters near you to catch the next episode of Reel Food.

Check out Chadwick’s website for delicious and simple recipes.  Our follow him on Facebook or Instagram!


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Episode 55: Chadwick Boyd

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