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Dr. Christopher Mohr, PhD R.D., is one of the world’s leading nutrition and mindset experts and he’s got a lot to say when it comes to “Minding your Melon”. He’s consulted for clients like Under Armour, Reebok, Clif Bar, Gatorade, and was the consulting Sports Nutritionist for the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s even spoken at the White House and to the CIA thanks to his incredible expertise!

Dr. Mohr is no stranger to mental health. Sure, you can practice all the “wellbeing” steps in the world, but if you aren’t handling stress properly, you won’t reap the benefits of all your “wellbeing” hard work. One thing Dr. Mohr is concerned about in regard to stress is our children. Not only have they grown up in an era of constantly being connected digitally, but they’ve also experienced a large number of radical changes in a short period of time with the pandemic and virtual schooling, causing a heightened sensitivity. 

Even as adults, we’re always connected to a device and lack the quiet time we need to refresh, relax and reenergize. If you’re mentally stressed out, it’s going to impact all other areas of your life and can turn into a vicious cycle of burnout. As we know, stress can turn into not being able to sleep well and get the rest you need, eating foods that aren’t healthy for you, which turns into weight gain, which can cause self-esteem issues, and then the cycle just continues. 

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Whether we like it or not, stress is unavoidable. There are constantly different shoes we have to fill, hats we have to wear, and uncontrollable variables being thrown at us (like a pandemic) that we have to deal with. Now, we’re living in an era where it’s common to work from home or have a hybrid work situation, on top of always being connected through a device, there’s never enough time to shut down, disconnect and decompress from the day. 

Did you know 60% of people say their stress level is at an all-time high, and many of those people were claiming to be at the level of burnout?

This is why boundaries are important, which can be difficult if you’re in a field like farming, for example, where your job truly is 24/7. Farmers’ boundary issues with work go beyond receiving an email at 11 p.m. and choosing to answer or ignore it. Farmers have to deal with their profit growing in the ground almost all year round, while fighting unforeseen variables Mother Nature throws at them. Plus, there’s labor issues, diseases, and so many other things out of a farmer’s control. Dr. Mohr likens farmers to first responders – they’re both always working and if they don’t work, we don’t eat! 

For farmers and anyone else dealing with stress, Dr. Mohr suggests making a list of controllable stressors and uncontrollable stressors. There are always going to be things we deal with that are out of our control, but what is in our control is how we respond to those stressors. When it comes to your health, you do have control over what you put in your body, how and when you move it, and taking baby steps in the right direction. 

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It’s important to identify the pieces in your life you can control and the things you can’t, so you can then decide how to respond to them. Knowing the harmony that’s created between taking care of your sleep, diet and exercise habits in conjunction with mental stress, take just one baby step in the right direction with any area you’re struggling with. That might mean you commit to eating one piece of fruit a day or making it a non-negotiable that you’re in bed by 9 p.m. (with your phone off!) every night. 

Also, don’t hesitate to talk to someone like a licensed therapist or counselor about your stress. There are plenty of professionals who will understand your unique situation and can help you discover improvements you can make to better your mental health. Boundaries, non-negotiables and understanding what you can and can’t control are all great takeaways to “Mind your Melon” and take care of your mental health! For more great tips, advice, coaching and beyond, find Dr. Mohr’s website at www.mohrresults.com


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