Episode 23: Delicious and Nutritious School Food with Kirsten Saenz Tobey of Revolution Foods

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Episode 23: Delicious and Nutritious School Food with Kirsten Saenz Tobey of Revolution Foods


“We’ve always been focused on communities and schools that have less access… we’ve made sure that our meals are healthy, fresh, nutritious, and delivered every day, but also that they are fully reimbursable through the federal meal reimbursement program”

This week on The Produce Moms Podcast, Kirsten Saenz Tobey, Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of Revolution Foods shares about the incredible impact being made in schools around the nation. Revolution Foods provides 3 million meals a week to over 3000 school sites in 16 States. Their mission is to provide fresh, healthy meals that are fully reimbursable through the federal meal reimbursement program. Through Revolution Foods, children who may not have access to healthy meal options are given the opportunity to receive the nutrition they need to help set them up for academic success.

“You’re operating with the principle that food is culture. Food is such a part of how we celebrate life, family traditions, and I love how that principle carries forward in Revolution Foods”

One of the unique aspects of Revolution Foods is their attention to crafting culturally relevant foods for the schools in each region. Revolution Foods has a unique approach to how the food is designed. They are kid-inspired and chef-crafted!

Revolution Foods is partnering with schools to help implement breakfast programs, and they are working to make school breakfasts convenient as possible for schools and students. Revolution Foods are free of artificial colors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and so many other additives that are found in so much of our food offerings in the current market.

“We’re incredibly focused on making sure that kids always have access to fresh, whole produce”

For more information about Revolution Foods, check out www.revolutionfoods.com.

If you are inspired by the work Revolution Foods is doing throughout the nation, speak with your local education administration about bringing them to your children’s school!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Kirsten Saenz Tobey – 1:39
  • What is Revolution Foods? – 2:25
  • Fresh Food Access in Public Schools – 4:48
  • Partnership with Schools – 10:01
  • Target Demographics and Growth – 16:08
  • Fresh Produce and Revolution Foods – 18:10
  • Lessons Kirsten Has Learned  – 21:34
  • Wrap-up – 23:50

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Episode 23

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