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From barbeque parties with the neighbors to picnics in the park, snacks at the beach to poolside treats, our summers are filled with family fun and delicious food. It’s a time to enjoy both our loved ones and the amazing natural world we live in.

Is your disposable kitchenware up to the task? For fewer sticky fingers, spilled drinks, and tragically dropped barbeque, try the durable kitchen products from Matter™. Do your part to preserve the environment for generations to come while you’re summer entertaining with Matter™!

On-the-Go Summer Entertaining with Matter

Take the fun with you – and leave the plastic behind! Featuring plates, bowls, cups, tableware, baggies, straws, and more, Matter™ products are 100 percent compostable. They’re made from plant matter and designed to break down quickly in the compost pile. When you compost a Matter™ product, you aren’t just getting rid of it. You’re actually adding nutrients to your compost, which in turn helps grow healthier plants!

If you’re not already composting, Matter™ kitchenware is a great place to start. Learn why composting matters and how to get started!

Matter™ products may break down in the compost bin, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. They have all the strength and functionality of their plastic counterparts! From plates to storage bags, every Matter product holds up to the rigors of the family picnic and makes road trip meals easy.

Ideas for summer entertaining with Matter™

No matter where you’re headed, Matter™ storage bags will help you get your food there. Available in several sizes from snack bags to gallon bags, these plastic-free bags are perfect for lunchboxes and coolers. If you’re packing a picnic or headed to the campground for the weekend, use these bags to store your perishable food in the cooler.

You can pack all the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and lunchmeat you need to serve some tasty sandwiches in the great outdoors. Or use them to separate the ingredients for a fancy glamping meal! Use the convenient labels to mark the contents of each bag so you can easily find what you need later.

Serving Up Backyard Fun

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque complete with backyard games or just a quiet evening gathered around the fire pit, simplify your summer entertaining with Matter™! It’s time to ditch your old paper or plastic plates – they were too flimsy to support sauce-slathered ribs or a juicy slice of watermelon. Matter™ plates and bowls are just what you need to enjoy a delicious summer snack and create less waste while you’re at it!

Sturdy Matter plates

These plates and bowls are designed with messy meals in mind. A big slice of watermelon won’t turn your 6” dessert plate into a soggy disaster. You can put both the rind and the plate into your compost when you’re done with them.

Hardy Matter bowls

Want more than just a watermelon? Try a refreshing fruit salad! A fruit medley featuring watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and other juicy fruit is always a hit at cookouts. Your guests can easily scoop their own servings into Matter™ bowls without worrying about them soaking through. These 16-ounce cereal bowls are the perfect size for a one-person portion of tasty fruit.

Eating with Matter

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty while you eat, pick up some Matter™ tableware. Their forks, spoons, and knives come in a convenient set and have all the strength and simplicity of similar plastic utensils. And while they’re durable enough to get your guests through any backyard cookout, these plant-based utensils are just as compost-friendly as any other Matter™ product.

Sipping Summertime Refreshments

Summer entertaining with Matter™ doesn’t stop at food. They have everything you need to serve refreshing drinks, too! Their cups with lids can give you a spill-free experience without the need for plastic or paper cups. Whether you’re filling them with water, juice, or something else, they’ll help you keep your guests hydrated.

Drinking with Matter Summer entertaining ideas with Matter

Looking for a more adult-oriented beverage at the pool, the lake, or the beach? Try packing some sangria in mason jars in your cooler! Mason jars can be sealed to prevent leaks and are infinitely reusable. Paired with Matter™ straws, they’re a great way to enjoy a zero-waste drink. These straws help you avoid plastic straws, but won’t unravel or get soaked like paper straws. Each pack comes with 50 straws so you’ll have enough to go around!

How will you start your summer entertaining with Matter™? There are countless ways to use their compostable, Earth-friendly products as you enjoy the season. Head to your local Target or shop online to find their full line of kitchen products. Tell us where your adventures take you and your favorite Matter™ products this summer in the comments below – even if it’s just your backyard!

Learn more about the Matter™ mission here!

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