May 2022: Month in Review

May month in review

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May month in review

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Let’s take a look back at our May 2022 Podcast Episodes.

What was May’s focus at The Produce Moms? Mental Health! All month long we spoke with phenomenal advocates and experts who are helping you “mind your melon”, ease stress, anxiety and improve brain health. If there’s anything that is important now more than ever, it’s our mental health. Working from home, being constantly connected to the internet and increasing rates of depression, anxiety and even suicide, it’s key we learn to manage our mental health successfully, especially in the agricultural industry.

May 2022 month in review

Marshal Sewell, Strategic Account Manager and mental health “ag-vocate” for Bayer Crop Science, kicked off our mental health month sharing a sensitive story about his father and family’s farm. Listen to find out what happened to Sewell’s dad and how it has acted as a catalyst for Marshal to help farmers manage stress and anxiety. He shares details about the struggles farmers go through we don’t always think about and what he’s doing to get rid of the mental health stigma in the agricultural industry. 

We then sat down with Dr. Christopher Mohr, PhD M.D., nutrition spokesperson, Sports Nutritionist and owner of Mohr Results who’s an expert on managing stress. Too many of us are reaching the level of burnout along with emotional eating, weight gain, anxiety, sleep issues and more. We can’t let stress keep controlling our lives and impacting our health drastically anymore! Thankfully, Dr. Mohr is sharing some great tips to mitigate stress and backtrack from burnout. 

There’s something drastically important to our mental health that’s not being talked about. What is it? Our eating habits! Dr. Monique Aucoin is spreading the word about just how impactful changing what you eat can improve depression and anxiety symptoms. For example, a patient of hers with a diet focused on junk food, simple carbs and sugary foods was struggling with anxiety. After encouraging the patient to get enough protein, switch to complex carbs and include anti-inflammatory foods, her mental health made an incredible improvement! Learn from Dr. Aucoin simple changes you can make and what she’s doing to help educate us all on how we can use food to keep our brains happy. 

The Produce Moms made it! After a long journey, we are finally B Corp Certified. What’s a B Corp Certified business? These are businesses who are focused on maintaining a high level of standards for inclusivity, equitability and creating a regenerative economy. Lori sits down with Kerri McDevitt, Senior Consultant at Impact Growth Partners and a key player in TPM’s certification process, to learn about the intricate certification process and how B Corp Certified businesses are making an impact around the world.

May 2022 Podcast Episode 217Episode 217 Marshal

Helping agricultural workers manage their mental health, mitigate stress and feel heard with Marshal Sewell, Strategic Account Manager and mental health “ag-vocate” for Bayer Crop Science

If anyone’s mental health is important, it’s that of our agricultural workers. These are the individuals keeping our country (and world) alive, healthy and thriving, but aren’t always thought of when we talk about important issues like mental health. Marshal Sewell witnessed this firsthand when his family went through an incredible amount of farm-related stressors that led his father to taking his own life. The tragedy impacted him and his family greatly, but ignited a fire for Sewell to share his story. 

Sewell’s on a mission to help farmers manage their stress before it’s too late. If you think about it, farmers never get a break or a vacation from the work they do, and they’re constantly up against uncontrollable issues like disease, weather changes and financial issues. Getting farmers to talk about their mental health and have a safe space to unload is top on Sewell’s list, along with other great initiatives you can find out about on this episode!

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May 2022 Podcast Episode 218

Episode 218 graphic

Burnout is impacting your health negatively more than you think with Dr. Christopher Mohr, PhD M.D., nutrition spokesperson, Sports Nutritionist and owner of Mohr Results

Stress is clearly unavoidable, but how can we learn to handle it better? Now that we’re living in an era where we’re constantly tied to a screen, working from home, and never fully “shutting down”, 60% of people say their stress is at an all-time high and at the level of burnout. You’ve probably seen your stress levels negatively impact you too. From weight gain, “emotional eating”, depression, anxiety, eating unhealthy, low self-esteem, and more, stress is taking over our lives, but there’s a lot we can do to change that!

Dr. Christopher Mohr is teaching us how to control our response to stress to keep us healthy, happy and improve our mental state. Find great tips that are easy to implement for setting (and maintaining) boundaries, disconnecting from work, eating healthy and making time for exercise in today’s episode.

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May 2022 Podcast Episode 219

Episode 219 graphic

The important link between food, anxiety and depression we’re not paying attention to with Dr. Monique Aucoin, ND Senior Research Fellow at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Monique Aucoin is clearly on to something. The naturopathic doctor and senior research fellow at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine has been leading the way for us to understand how changing our eating habits drastically impacts depression and anxiety. Dr. Aucoin is starting to educate patients and clinicians on the factors of nutrition and mental health, and will be doing her own clinical trial on the effects of dietary counseling and anxiety symptoms. 

Considering the top three nutritional factors in supporting brain health are eating anti-inflammatory foods, choosing complex carbs and eating enough protein, there’s a lot of easy, simple changes we could be making that would improve our mental health. You might not think you struggle with anxiety or depression but getting “hangry” or emotionally eating falls into this category. Learn from Dr. Aucoin how to combat this and how what we eat can make real-time changes in our mentality now!

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MAY 2022 Podcast Episode 220

Episode 220 Featured

Celebrate The Produce Moms’ becoming B Corp Certified and learn just how impactful these businesses are with Kerrie McDevitt, Senior Consultant at Impact Growth Partners

If  you’ve listened to some of our most recent episodes, you’ve heard a lot of conversations around being a B Corp Certified business. This is a huge accomplishment and difficult process that we’ve finished at The Produce Moms to now proudly say we are B Corp Certified! B Corp Certified businesses meet a very high level of standards showing they lead the way in inclusivity, equitability and creating a regenerative economy. 

Kerri McDevitt played an important role on our B Corp Certification journey and opened our eyes in this episode to what the process looks like. The Produce Moms was especially recognized for our role in giving back to organizations that support the Earth, focusing on giving back 1% to the planet and helping beautify Indianapolis. Plus, Kerri and Lori both share how collaborative and supportive the B Corp community is.

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