Episode 22: Innovative Produce with Jacob Shafer, Senior Communication Specialist at Mann’s

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The Produce Moms Podcast

Episode 22: Innovative Produce with Jacob Shafer, Senior Communication Specialist at Mann’s

“We call ourselves the innovation factory in produce.”

This week on The Produce Mom’s Podcast, we have the honor of chatting with Jacob Shafer, the Senior Communication Specialist for Mann’s Fresh Vegetables. Mann’s operated as a family-owned company from 1939 until earlier this year, when it was acquired by Del Monte Fresh.

Of course, Mann’s is a personal favorite at The Produce Moms, and we were so ecstatic to spend time discussing Mann’s innovative food strategies, including their highly acclaimed Nourish Bowls. If you haven’t tried the Nourish Bowls yet, let me personally recommend the Cauli Curry Rice! Their Nourish Bowls are full of nutrients and many are high in plant-based protein.

Innovative: Nourish Bowls

“We are targeting customers who are active, who are conscious of what they put into their body, and people who are seeking adventurous flavors.”

Throughout the produce industry, Mann’s is known for their innovative value-add produce. In this episode, we define and discuss this concept.  Jacob also shares some sneak peeks on products that are still to come at Mann’s. They are truly on-trend as Mann’s continues to be trendsetters in the produce industry. 

“Not only is Mann’s dedicated to innovation… but they’re also really good stewards of sustainability!”

Mann’s loves to encourage at-home innovation with their products. With campaigns like “Girlfriend Guides” and “Beyond the Bowl,” they encourage you to take their products and personalize them to meet your unique taste and lifestyle.

Find out more at www.veggiesmadeeasy.com/

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Jacob Shafer – 1:31
  • What Are Nourish Bowls? – 3:31
  • What is “Value Added” Produce – 8:42
  • How Does Mann’s Come Up with New Ideas – 10:48
  • Nourish Bowls on the Today Show – 17:46
  • Broccolini Birthday Bash, Innovation and Sustainability – 20:01
  • What’s Next? – 25:27
  • Wrap-up – 28:30

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Episode 22: Innovative Produce

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