How to Wash Your Produce with Dr. Max Teplitski of the Produce Marketing Association

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The No. 1 question we, at The Produce Moms, are receiving right now is how to wash fresh produce in this Covid-19 environment.

Can you believe people are washing fruits and vegetables with household cleaners?

Well, Dr. Max Teplitski, of the Produce Marketing Association, was kind enough to set the record straight!

The answer? Nothing in the science has changed, which means we should be washing our fresh produce with nothing more than cold, running water (and sometimes a brush designated for fresh produce)!

“What we know right now is that Covid-19 is not transmitted by food, it is not transmitted by food packaging,” says Dr. Max. “We should just maintain our everyday food safety habits.”

When it comes to fresh produce, that means doing the following: clean, rinse, separate, and chill. Watch the full interview for a complete breakdown of food safety by Dr. Max!

As a response to COVID-19, the fresh produce industry through leadership from the Produce Marketing Association has united for the “Joy of Fresh” initiative.  Enjoy these graphics, compliments of PMA, to understand the 4-step process of food safety:

CLEAN – RINSE – SEPARATE – CHILL for food safety

We recently published a blog “How to Properly Wash Your Produce” to remind everyone just how simple it is!

The Produce Moms’ Covid-19 Interview Series:

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