GROW: Improving Quality of Life For Farmers and Growing Communities

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GROW: Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers

The mission of GROW is to create a better quality of life for not only the workers on our farms, but entire growing communities. Social responsibility is the backbone of Organics Unlimited. 

In 2000 when Organics Unlimited was founded, part of their mission was to not overlook the responsibility to care for the workers and communities that help grow their high-quality organic fruit. In 2005,GROW was founded to help provide funding for various social responsibility programs.


GROW helps provide educational, dental and vision support, clean drinking water, milk for growing children and other necessities to those who need it the most. They are able to do this by partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide these needed services.

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Organics Unlimited: Behind the bananas

Organics Unlimited is the largest family-operated organic banana company in America. They are also the world’s top producer of organic bananas. Their supply chain stretches from the West Coast into Canada, and parts of Asia. They are committed to providing premium quality organic bananas through a culture of sustainability, caring for communities, and excellent customer service.

What makes these bananas different from the rest? Their fierce commitment to the people who grow our food. Organics Unlimited firmly believes a sustainable food system supports independent small farmers and gives back to its growing communities.

Infographic: Organics Unlimited Values + GROW Mission

To hear more about Organic Unlimited, listen to our podcast featuring Mayra and Daniella Velazquez de León as they bring to life their passion and purpose behind the business.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Organics Unlimited was the first to bring commercially grown organic bananas to the United States in 1972. Carlos Cortes, Mayra’s father started using natural methods that he learned from his father. And one of the key ingredients in this natural banana growing process is a healthy environment.

Today’s Organics Unlimited bananas are some of the best and most sustainable around. The farming practices of Organics Unlimited enables them to grow tasty, nutritious bananas without the use of chemicals. Through organic farming and careful stewardship, they can sustain healthy farmland without disrupting nature’s balance. They have created an ecosystem that will continue to fill the needs for future generations.

The Impact of GROW

Organics Unlimited is working to break the poverty cycle and provide better lives for the workers. GROW by Organics Unlimited bananas are grown organically in Mexico and Ecuador which is typically filled with families living in poverty.

There is a primary focus on scholarships. In communities where only 60% of children make it to high school, Organics Unlimited believes education is key in ending the cycle of poverty. It’s their way of giving back to the people who make such tasty bananas possible.

GROW organic banana purchases, along with retailer and distributor support, have donated nearly $3 million in aid since 2005. The GROW fund gets a percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas. These funds support: 

  • Youth education and scholarship programs
  • Health, dental and vision care
  • Clean water processes and education
  • Disaster relief 
  • Covid 19 health and food initiatives
  • Environmental initiatives

Enjoying GROW Bananas by Organics Unlimited

Air Fryer Banana Split

Air Fryer Banana Split

It’s warm, melty and made in just minutes with the help of an air fryer. Your kids will go ‘bananas” for this special treat.

Get the full recipe here.

Caramelized Bananas

Bananas caramelizing in a pan

Caramelized banana are truly a special treat. Plus, we suggest 5 different ways to try them: on ice cream, on oatmeal, on waffles, on peanut butter toast and on brownies.

Get the full recipe here.


Put what you’ve learned about Organics Unlimited to use with a fun game of BINGO! This game is perfect for classrooms or groups of homeschoolers.

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You can download the game for free here.

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