Fruit and Veggie Passport: Your Ticket to a Produce Adventure

Summer School Passport: Your Ticket to a Produce Adventure

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Are your kids feeling adventurous? If they’re ready for a summer full of new experiences and flavors, then check out our Fruit and Veggie Passport!

We’ve partnered with Market Wagon to bring you this fun way to track the produce items you try this season. When school is out for the summer, make a goal with your kids to fill up this produce passport with fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before – and a few they’re probably familiar with. It’s your ticket to bringing nutrition and new flavors to your kitchen!

How to Use Your Fruit and Veggie Passport

Getting and using a real passport may be complicated, but this Fruit and Veggie Passport makes crossing the borders of flavor easy! Summer is the perfect time to try new fruits and vegetables, as more of them are in season this time of year. That means you can enjoy fruits and vegetables when they’re at the peak of flavor and quality.

Fruit and Veggie Passport: Your Ticket to a Produce Adventure

Download and print the Fruit and Veggie Passport

Start by printing out your Fruit and Veggie Passport. Turn it into an easy-to-use booklet by printing on both sides of the page and stapling them together. If you want to turn it into a craft project, take some glitter, glue, and stickers and let your kids decorate their passports however they please! When they’re done, help them get excited about their produce journey with this fun maze:

Marketwagon Maze

Download and print the maze

To use this Fruit and Veggie Passport, buy one of the fruits or vegetables listed inside. Include it in a meal or encourage your kids to try it solo as a snack. When they do, have them peel the sticker or label off of it and stick it in that fruit or vegetable’s spot in the passport. If it’s lost its stickiness, glue or tape it to the page to make sure it stays in place. Not all produce comes with a sticker. Use a marker or have your child choose their own sticker for these items.

Once they’ve filled up their passport, they can sign their name at the end to certify that they’ve fearlessly tried 40 different fruits and vegetables — all in a single summer! What an achievement!

Market Wagon

Traveling the World of Produce with Market Wagon


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There’s no need to book a flight to try new produce flavors. Market Wagon will bring them right to your doorstep! A fresh take on the classic farmers market, Market Wagon is on a mission to connect produce lovers directly with vetted local farmers and artisans.

Market Wagon

When you shop with Market Wagon, you’re getting food that’s produced locally, in your own community! Local food requires less preservatives and packing materials and doesn’t undergo a long and potentially damaging shipping process. It’s fresher and grown with natural methods and less of a dependence on chemicals.

Market Wagon

Market Wagon gives you the opportunity to get to know and support farmers in your community. You can find and purchase food you trust, because you can see the growing process and meet the growers yourself. What’s more, buying from them keeps your dollars flowing through your local economy and makes your purchases matter.

Local Produce, Big Flavor

If you want the flavors available at your nearest farmers market without actually going to the farmers market, look no further than Market Wagon. Contactless delivery right to your doorstep takes the hassle out of shopping for produce. With no subscriptions and no minimum orders, shopping local has never been easier!

Market Wagon

So what can you buy from Market Wagon? Because they connect you with fresh, local food, availability is seasonal and regional. Between the middle of April and the middle of May, you’ll find fresh, flavorful asparagus. The end of May and June brings juicy strawberries and snap peas. Look for tangy red raspberries in June and again in September.

These are just a few of their offerings. You’ll also find items like microgreens and lettuce as well as dairy products, plant-able vegetables, and even ready-to-cook meals. See what’s available in your area here.

Want to learn more about Market Wagon and their mission to deliver local food? Co-founder Nick Carter explains it all in Episode 145 of The Produce Moms Podcast!

Helping your kids enjoy more kinds of fruits and veggies sets them up for better eating habits later in life. And this Fruit and Veggie Passport makes it fun! Share your produce adventure with us on Instagram @theproducemoms and @marketwagon.

Fruit and Veggie Passport: Your Ticket to a Produce Adventure

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