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The Produce Moms and “How Healthy Happens” have so much in common in terms of the message and the mission that they’re trying to convey. It’s kind of two-fold – increasing fruit and vegetable intake but also making sure that consumers have transparency and sustainability in all of our food systems that will see the next generation through.

From a young age, Ashley Hawk has been both behind and in front of the camera. The thing that clicked with her from day one was that if we could be transparent about everything, we’d eliminate half of the issues people face when it comes to starting out in a career. When companies are completely up front and “what you see is what you get,” people trust them. She knew that would be her first step with “How Healthy Happens.” And then came questions like, “How can we make media and entertainment relatable?”, “How can we seem approachable?”, and “How can we convey this sometimes dense and hard to understand information in a way that people everywhere will be able to access and understand it?” That’s where the combination of nutrition and media was born.

Through “How Healthy Happens,” Ashley wants to convey a message that nutrition is such a personal topic. It is one of those few things that affects every single aspect of a person’s life. If consumers don’t feel empowered about what their next meal is going to be, or what’s in your kitchen, it can be really daunting and shut people off from even thinking about it. When Ashley gets clients that are overwhelmed at trying to decipher packaging, she first focuses on breaking things down to a personal level. From there they start to address the little changes that need to happen.

Episode 191 Ashley Hawk Quote

The first episode of “How Healthy Happens” aired in October 2021. 2022 episodes will air starting in January. When they have a guest on the show Ashley likes to start out by asking “how did healthy happen for you?” By asking this question, not only do we find out about others’ health and wellness journey, but also about game changers – things that are literally changing the landscape of the produce market.

“How Healthy Happens” works with a range of businesses from mom and pop companies, to small businesses, to big farms. They are grateful to be able to lend a voice to these manufacturers of all types of goods in the health and wellness industry. Seeing  the whole farming process really filled Ashley with gratitude. We are so lucky as consumers that we have these farms that are working so hard to give us the freshest produce possible, so that we don’t have to grow it all in our backyards.

How did healthy happen for Ashley? Exposure. In second grade Ashley’s class saw firsthand how chickens came from eggs. Once the experiment was over, Ashley’s teacher asked if anyone wanted to take the chick home. Ashley then took the chick home. Having this chicken, paired with a garden in her backyard, made Ashley realize she no longer wanted to eat meat. Ashley became a vegetarian. As she got older, people would ask her why she was a vegetarian. She would answer with “it just works for me.” When she got even older, she started wondering WHY it worked for her. Thus, “How Healthy Happens” was born.

Ashley offers a few tips and tricks to the listeners and readers here at The Produce Moms. 1. Start by adding one serving of fruits or veggies to your day. After a week you’ll start to feel better! Having the extra hydration, vitamins, minerals, and natural fibers and sugars help us to feel good and function at our best. 2. Drink more water. If you’re reading this go and take a big drink now, while you’re thinking about it. And 3. Sleep. It helps regulate your metabolism. Sometimes all you need is a nap that resets your attitude.

You can find “How Healthy Happens” on the Food Network, streaming on Roku TV, and some episodes are available on Youtube. You can find Ashley on Social Media @AshleyAnnHawk, @HowHealthyHappensTV, and https://www.ashleyhawkrd.com/.

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