Episode 159: Beth McCarthy Smith

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Episode 159 Simplicity Holistic Health Banner Image


Beth McCarthy Smith, founder of Simplicity Holistic Health, used to consider herself a typical American. Having the occasional martini and burger, wining and dining clients, and not putting much thought into what went in her body was Beth’s lifestyle.

But when she and her husband were trying to conceive their second child, she struggled with infertility issues. What did she do? What standardized, Western medicine called for. Beth ended up having six IUIs, nine IVFs, two additional IVFs with a surrogate, surgeries, and four miscarriages. She was taking tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs every cycle and feeling like there was no end in sight.


Living in Chicago, Beth decided to visit an acupuncturist who let Beth know her blood was too thick and that was causing her infertility. Talk about synchronicity. Five years ago at her very first fertility appointment, Beth was reading an ad that showed (as she calls it) “pretty blood” and “ugly blood”. Who doesn’t want “pretty” and healthy blood!? But as Beth kept reading about changing your diet in lifestyle in correlation with your blood, she thought “no thanks”, and kept going down the path of surgeries, IVF, and more.

After this acupuncturist’s comments, she found the same blood doctor from the ad and set forth to change her diet and lifestyle, crying all the way through it. But just after a few short weeks of change, she started feeling healthier, more energized and happier than ever before! Instead of focusing on the child she couldn’t have, she focused on how grateful she was for the family she did have. Four weeks later, after continuing to meditate, detox and drink juices, Bhet found out she was pregnant! Three weeks later she thought ‘this is the  best thing that’s ever happened to me’.

“Healing and health is all about the blood and the gut. If you clean the gut and get the gut moving, the blood starts moving, and more oxygen moves through your body. It’s amazing what people can do with this healing. We’ve worked with people with cancer, diabetes, fertility issues, everything under the sun.” – Beth McCarthy Smith (11:50-12:27)

Much of Beth’s story includes the holistic component that comes with healing your body. Beth reminds us that we are so hard on ourselves, and need to learn to find acceptance, forgiveness and reach out for help. Thanks to her shift in lifestyle and mindset, Beth got pregnant with her second child at 39, and without even trying, got pregnant again at 42! This was the miracle and magic of cleansing her body, drinking cold-pressed juices, meditating and getting rid of toxic beliefs, habits and ways of eating.

When Beth moved to Indianapolis, she realized she couldn’t get the juices she used to buy retail in Chicago, so she just started making them for herself! First, she opened a colon hydrotherapy center and realized her clients didn’t know what to eat or drink afterwards. Beth started making juices at home and bringing them in. Drinkable, simple and craveable is the goal with every Simplicity product. After spending $15 on juices in Chicago that were horrible tasting, Beth only wants to create juices that are as delicious as a bartender would make!

She eventually started selling juices at a local Safeway and now, six years later, Simplicity Holistic Health is now available at Kroger, Fresh Time, market districts, and Whole Foods. To be able to scale in the refrigerated beverage section is an incredible feat because of how competitive the space is.

You can buy Simplicity Holistic Health on their website, at Amazon, and even Saks Fifth Avenue right in between the shoe department and cosmetics!

“There is no cheating. There is no falling off the bandwagon. This really revolves around you and each individual person.” – Beth McCarthy Smith  (2:44-2:58)

The beautiful thing about Simplicity Holistic Health is there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out with juices or are “hardcore” and have been cleansing or juicing for years, you can find a Simplicity product you’ll love. Beth says there’s no right or wrong way to drink her juices, but the point is to add in more good to your diet… and more good that you actually enjoy! When you do that you’ll naturally crowd out something that probably wasn’t the best for your body or digestive system. You can add in juices slowly wherever you’re at.

Simplicity’s juices are made with whole, fresh produce, and no artificial colors or preservatives. They’re also cold-pressed, which may have you wondering how it’s possible for them to have an extended shelf life. To keep the juice ‘alive’, the juice is sent to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it goes into bottles that are first put in water at 90,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) for 120 seconds, which takes the pressure down to sea level and kills all pathogens in the bottle. That’s the cold pressure process and what gives the ‘alive’ juice a longer shelf life. On top of it, the juice pulp is kept and fed to livestock, making the company waste free along with using 100% recyclable bottles.

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