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Joseph Sakoda, aka Da Rulk happens to be Chris Hemsworth’s trainer, but that’s just the icing on the cake to what this incredibly inspirational man does! Da Rulk has founded the Raw Functional Training program, is a teacher on Chris’s Centr App, trains fire, police, military, special forces and ocean safety workers, and sits on the board at Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Thompson Autism Clinics helping kids with sensory processing disorders.

Last but not least, Da Rulk is the founder of Kore Nutrition, a supplement line filled with the highest quality ingredients at affordable costs which he’s partnered with Kroger on.

Da Rulk’s background in kinesiology, biomechanics, and passion for understanding the brain-body connection has brought him to helping kids, moms, the elderly and everyone in between use their bodyweight to stay in shape, stay mentally focused and empower others to do the same. Even though he’s worked with professional athletes, Olympic athletes and actors, Da Rulk became passionate about working with first responders because those are the individuals out there saving lives.

“I used to see firefighters that would be extremely physically fit and looked aesthetically fit, but they just wouldn’t be able to perform at the level that they really could,” says Da Rulk.

This got Da Rulk even more curious about sensory processing, managing the adrenal system, organizing the nervous system, and diving deep into functional movement that anyone could do, and would get them the real level of fitness their body needs (not just the aesthetics).

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He primarily does this through Chris’ Centr App where Da Rulk shares workouts that are often only 10-15 minutes. Instead of “training like a beast” for hours at the gym, Da Rulk says what’s most important is movement. The right kind of movement in just 10-15 minutes can make you feel accomplished, like daily movement is maintainable and that you had an effective workout.

What if you “know” you should “workout”, but just don’t have the motivation? Or maybe you try to train a few times a week, but always fall off the wagon because life gets in the way. Inspiration is something you’ll always find with Da Rulk and his biggest message is that you need to find your purpose. Your purpose will always bring you back where you need to be in life, and will help you focus on staying disciplined. As Da Rulk says, “once you have discipline, consistency, and purpose, you’re pretty much unstoppable.”

Before you get going on the Centr App or other training program, Da Rulk says moms need to work on their mindset first. What kind of mindset? One where you know you’re good enough just the way you are, and you’re choosing to work out and stay consistent because you want to, for example, feel better moving without pain, or lead by example for your kids.

Following Da Rulk’s workouts is just one of many benefits the Centr App offers. There’s tons of other trainers as well, with easy to follow workouts at home or at the gym, recipes, mindfulness techniques and education behind different methodologies. Da Rulk says the segment of Centr users that love his training the most are moms because the workouts are easy to do at home with or without your kids and are quick! If you struggle with discipline or consistency, take it from Da Rulk himself. He wakes up around 4-4:30 am every day to make sure he has time for mindfulness, personal training, and following a recovery protocol, which is just as important, if not more, to getting results with your body.

“I’m so proud of every mom out there because I know it’s not easy, especially right now trying to keep your sanity, but also being the anchor of the family, which moms always are. Moms keep our families grounded, feeling safe and supported, and many times we forget that you guys also need to feel safe and supported as well, which often starts internally with yourself.” – Da Rulk (11:45-12:18)

The Kore Nutrition line is the perfect way to stay healthy and fuel your body with everything you need to power your day, your workout, and your recovery. Kore has everything from immunity boosters, superfood powders, sleep and recovery aids, essential vitamins and minerals, nootropics, joint support, digestive support, performance support and much more! All Kore products are NSF certified, meaning they meet some of the strictest standards for public health protection.

Kore will be available on Kroger store shelves in June, and can be bought online right now at www.vitacost.com, www.kroger.com and inside the Centr App.

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