Episode 127: Hilary Long and Sarah Frey

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How wonderful would it be to grow up on a farm where you get to experience the magic of what the earth is capable of, while picking blackberries and other fresh fruit that get turned into refreshing, delicious agua frescas?

That’s part of the beauty that Sarah Frey, CEO of Sarah’s Homegrown Produce experienced on her family farm growing up that she now owns and operates today. After picking blackberries, they’d take the leftovers back home, muddle them, add pure cane sugar, pour water over the mixture, stir it up and drink it fresh. You probably know Sarah from previous episodes where she shared her journey with her family’s Frey Farms and her most popular product, Tsamma watermelon juice. Now, Sarah’s Homegrown has expanded into delicious agua frescas, teas, lemonades and functional products.

“I started noticing more agua frescas pop up at smaller restaurant venues across the country and I was taken back to when I was a little girl and we would make agua frescas on the farm.” – Sarah Frey (13:35-13:55)

Sarah Frey and Sarah’s Homegrown Produce was one of the first produce companies to go all in on beverages. They started making fresh beverages over seven years ago on the farm and most of their products are made right on the farm themselves. You could say their beverage line is the essence of sustainability because all of their products are made from clean ingredients and every part of the process is purposeful.

They’re now moving into the functional category which is, quite simply, anything that makes you feel better! Whether that’s a product that improves your gut health, immunity, energy, hydration or cognitive function, many of the things you enjoy can be considered a functional product.

The number one functional benefit of all Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Frescas is immunity. The second is hydration.

One of the top ways Sarah’s Homegrown ensures they’re a sustainable brand is by using what the industry calls “ugly fruit”, or produce that doesn’t meet retail specs. There’s plenty of wonderful, ripe, nutritious fruit that is grown and ends up being thrown away because it isn’t the perfect shape or color.

It doesn’t matter what a fruit looks like to end up in Sarah’s Agua Frescas, and they’re now able to utilize more of their crop, which would have otherwise been used for composting. Whether an Agua Fresca’s fruit comes from one of Sarah’s farms or one of their partners, you know the product you’re receiving as a consumer was created, produced and distributed by the farmer themselves.

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Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Frescas come in three, refreshing flavors: mango, strawberry and watermelon and they’re working on a line of functional flavors and a flavorless vitamin pack that’s approachable for customers. Especially during these times of a pandemic, it’s great to have a functional drink available that’s number one functional benefit is immunity and it’s equally as hydrating.

Whether you enjoy one of Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Frescas as an after workout treat, in a cocktail or mocktail, or with your favorite meal, know you’re supporting a sustainability movement for farmers across the U.S. and enjoying something that has added health benefits.

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