Episode 116: Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak

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Episode 116 National Fruits and Veggie Month Quote

September is National Fruits And Veggies Month hosted by the Produce For Better Health Foundation! 

Founded by Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, President and CEO, and internationally celebrated dietician, the Produce For Better Health Foundation not only wants to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption but elevate the behaviors of fruit and vegetable consumption as a national priority.

Unfortunately, we’re facing a fruit and vegetable consumption crisis that’s been chronic in our nation for years. You might be thinking, “yes, I know I need to eat more fruits and vegetables,” but it goes beyond that. This is something that’s negatively impacting our society, our culture and our economy.

Episode 116 Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak Quote

Not only is this an opportunity for the fruit and veggie-loving public and industry to come together under one initiative to make this a priority, but a lot of research has come out identifying that people, in general, eat healthier meals when they’re eaten together as a family.

Eating healthier foods isn’t the only benefit of eating meals together; people greatly benefit from the connection of family and spending time together having conversations around the dinner table. Especially if you’re a family with kids, this is when important conversations happen, connection key to development is fostered, dangerous behaviors can be identified and discussed, and social behaviors are developed. The psychological benefits of connectedness are crucial during times like this.

This is why the National Fruit and Veggie Month theme this year is Have A Plant® Nation. During a national and global pandemic, this aims to act as a catalyst for creating family connections, celebrating diverse and unique ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables, improve America’s public health across the board, and elevate how the produce industry (and its influencers) advocate for fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed more often.

The Have A Plant initiative wants folks like you to align with their values and share that with the world. It’s not just about eating more fruits and vegetables daily or at every meal, it’s about sharing your beliefs on how important that is with the rest of the world. That means having conversations at home, yes, but online as well! If just one more serving of fruits and vegetables on your plate could create the same for hundreds if not thousands of people through sharing one comment or one post, you’d be helping transform the nation’s health.

“It’s one attainable thing that we can all do to make our lives better — eat more fruits and vegetables.” – Lori Taylor (15:16-15:24)

Take the pledge for Have A Plant® Nation by visiting www.fruitsandveggies.org! They have tons of resources you can download to put on your social media, phone or share with friends and your family. Start the conversation and see if you have someone in your life or even a group that wants to hold each other accountable. Make sure to use #haveaplant and #haveaplantpledge on your posts along with #nfvm2020 to support National Fruits and Veggies Month.

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