Eat Smart® Salad Kits

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Salad lovers, rejoice! Eat Smart® salad kits are back with a brand new look and the same great taste you know and love. The new Chopped Collection™, Vineyard Collection™, and Superfood Selections™ from Eat Smart® make it easy to get a delicious salad on the table every night. 

eat smart salad kits

Made with 100% clean ingredients and triple washed, each salad kit comes ready to eat and conveniently packaged with everything you need — a healthy salad base, flavorful toppings, and delicious dressing. 

Eat Smart Salad Kits

There are dozens of flavors to choose from including Bistro Bacon, Mediterranean Crunch, Apple Gouda, Wild Greens & Quinoa, Strawberry Harvest, Orange Vinaigrette and Bleu, and Sesame Almond Crunch. No matter what you’re making for dinner, there is an Eat Smart® salad kit to match!

Visit the brand new Eat Smart® website to view all of the options. 

Get dinner on the table quickly by pairing a salad kit with your favorite protein. Serve the Bistro Bacon kit alongside a peppercorn steak or grill prawns and serve with the Mediterranean Crunch kit. Dinner has never been this easy! 

Eat Smart Salad Kits

Salmon is a delicious accompaniment to the Sweet Kale salad. Pan sear or grill your favorite salmon filet, season with a little salt and pepper, and enjoy! The slightly sweet salad dressing and crunchy kale salad pairs wonderfully with the fresh and mild taste of salmon. 

Eat Smart Salad Kits

Chicken is the perfect partner for the Avocado Cheddar Ranch salad. Have leftover grilled chicken from dinner? Mix it into the salad and you have a quick, easy, and nutrition-packed lunch. 

With all of the flavor combinations that Eat Smart® offers, you’ll never run out of options for a quick and nutritious meal. Nearly any protein would pair well with one of these kits so get creative and start enjoying!

Pick up a couple of Eat Smart® salad kits next time you’re at the grocery store and you’ll be dinner ready! 

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Which Eat Smart® salad kit is your favorite and what do you love to pair it with? Share in the comments below or in The Produce Moms Facebook group.

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