Celebrating National Salad Month with the Hoosier Salad on Indy Style

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The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Hoosier Salad

Happy National Salad Month! Earlier today on Indy Style, I helped commemorate this annual produce celebration with five salads. Only two included greens. Lettuce is not required for salads!


The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Hoosier SaladI started off with my version of a Hoosier Salad. This salad is full of the flavors grown in Indiana, including greens, cantaloupe, corn, bacon, asparagus, shrimp, blackberries, black walnuts, and feta cheese. It’s topped off with a Dijon vinaigrette – Start with honey Dijon salad dressing, add some apple cider vinegar, then add a shot of a locally brewed beer! And Save that vinaigrette for the remaining salads!



Have you ever eaten a grilled salad? It’s so simple and tasty! Just add a marinade or vinaigrette to hearts of romaine before you grill them. Then wrap bacon around radicchio and roast it in the oven. Combine these two simple veggies for a stunning warm summer salad.


The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Demonstrating a spiralizer
The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Spiralized veggie saladThis segment also included a quick salad full of spiralized beets and kohlrabi, carrots, and green onions. Use some of that Dijon vinaigrette to bring it all together!


The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Distressed veggie saladWhen you find unused and distressed veggies in your fridge, don’t throw them out! Turn them into a salad! Roast them in the oven then pair them with some salad greens to make a fresh and new salad.



The Produce Mom celebrates National Salad Month - Roasted veggie saladIn my last segment, I showed how to pull together a delicious salad of roasted veggies featuring sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, bell pepper, green onions, and that delicious Dijon vinaigrette, of course! And instead of croutons, spiralize some sweet potatoes then roast them in the oven for a crunchy topping!



I’ll be back on Indy Style next month with some great summer produce!

xoxo Lori

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