Bring a Salad Bar to Your School

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Today I’m speaking at the state’s School Nutrition Association Conference.  While there is a plethora of ways to promote quality child nutrition within the school setting – there is nothing more effective than salad bars!

Salad bars increase the consumption of  fruits & vegetables

The Fresh Produce Industry is currently focused on bringing Salad Bars to the Midwest Schools.  As a prideful Hoosier & industry professional – I’m doing all I can to assist!!!

  • Any K-12 school that participates in the USDA School Lunch Program can receive a Let’s Move Salad Bar!
  • It is FREE for schools to register
  • United Fresh Produce Association will work with your local & national community organizations to sponsor your school’s salad bar… in other words, the salad bar is delivered to the school FREE OF COST thanks to community support 🙂
  • Students eat THREE TIMES MORE Fruits & Vegetables when they have a salad bar at school

So what do you think?  Are you ready to help your son or daughter’s school get a Let’s Move Salad Bar?!!


Seriously, parents, all you have to do is get your son or daughter’s school to register.  We will take care of the rest.  –> Share that link with everyone you know!

If you have any questions, just post a comment & I will help you!

xoxo Produce Mom

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